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  1. Gluten free pretzels are better than pretzels with wheat. You can get a case discount on them. I eat them almost every day.
  2. Sounds like you have had waaay more than your fair share of tough stuff. I dont have the pain you do, but I just wanted to say "hang in there."
  3. I had a problem there once, but they were really nice about fixing it.
  4. Thanks. I wonder if I'm casein intolerant. Not sure, cause I haven't been gluten free that long.
  5. Hey, welcome. I'm in the Denver area as well. I havent had any anger from gluten so far... But, I might use that as an excuse next time i annoy my fiancee.
  6. What was the link? For some reason it won't work for me.
  7. My girlfriends been making us some really good rice. I think its called Jasmine Rice. Its from Thai kitchen I think.
  8. Your family isn't supportive, Bobcat?
  9. Many peanut butters are also gluten free, FYI.
  10. Some people are so ignorant...and they think we're the crazy ones. How about diabetics? Do they think sugar doesn't harm a diabetic?
  11. Nah. Being dumb isnt a sign of Celiac. Having Celiac and not following the diet...now that's dumb.
  12. I don't have symptoms, but I was tested because my sister has it and I came up positive.
  13. If the blood is red, it's new, which means it would most likely be from your lower intestine. If that's the case, you have hemorroids at least.
  14. If anyone looks at your differently cause you have Celiac I'd think they were pretty ignorant and rude,and good riddance. Celiac doesnt make you a freak. It's very common these days. Anyway, welcome, cause I'm new too.
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