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  1. I'm sure we will wait, but the reason I ask is because he thinks this is nothing more than a "witch hunt" (his words) and keeps delaying the testing over and over again. I just wanted to find out if there was any validity to his claims. If anyone DOES have a study they can point to, I would appreciate...
  2. Can anyone point me towards a legit source that would state that blood work can be affected by strep? I have asked our GI doc to run bloodwork for my daughter but the co-parent is saying he won't do it because she was diagnosed with strep recently. The Dr. says in writing that they aren't related...
  3. Thank you SO MUCH for those statistics, and the reports to back them up. I feel like my mothers intuition is saying that he has it, so I'm not willing to walk away from this and say he's all clear. Even though my intuition tells me this I realize it needs to be a data driven decision. I would...
  4. We are trying to figure out if my 5 yr old has celiacs, any advice would be super helpful! The indicators that he may be positive: I have celiacs (and did not have any GI symptoms prior to Dx) 250 Ttg/iga elevated liver enzymes diarrhea and stomach pains when eating gluten...