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    Any and all crafts. I love scrapbooking. rubber stamping, cross stitch, crochet, and many more things. My three dogs are my kids. Two German Shepherds and a Golden Retriever. Also have 4 cats.
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    Mesa AZ
  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Same fair! I live in Mesa. Thanks for all your advice! Jo Ann
  3. Hello! I know you all are so knowledgeable so please send some advice my way. I am going to the state fair with my non Celiac husband and I wanted to know if there are any safe foods at a place like that? My husband doesn't think he will have fun if I can't eat like he does. I told him I did not...
  4. "I have not heard of a too high 'overall' IgA... Gina" You got me thinking so I have spent over an hour researching this. Here are a few things that I found: Table 3. Reference Ranges for Gliadin Antibodies (ELISA Units) Children Adults IgA Gliadin antibodies...
  5. Thanks Gina. You have me wondering now too! I dug out my blood test results and under my gliadin antibody panel it said: Gliadin Ab Iga >100 and Gliadin Ab IgG >100. Positive range is >17. My iron and TIBC are both very low too. I looked at the link you sent and will research this more....
  6. I'm still new at this and have been wondering about the blood tests too. I do know that my Iga & Igg were over 100. I also had the biopsy and have severe damage to my villi. Too many years of not knowing what I had! I can't find my last blood test results or I would tell you what mine are. Good...