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  1. I apologize I just got a lot of this information from other threads that I have created and wanted to put all the information on one post so people could read everything I know so we could relate.
  2. Are you seriously asking questions about a single elevated antibody on the misc? I wouldn't care about it. IgA is the antibody that protects your gastrointestinal tract and respiratory tract among other things. In the medical setting I am in, we see elevated levels of IgA before someone...
  3. I am certainly glad you were able to be diagnosed and your bleeding disorder controlled, that must be a great feeling. Thank you so much for contributing to my thread and yes your posted has helped. I am getting some feedback and a lot of people are telling me it is nothing to worry about. You know...
  4. Hello Everyone, I have a curious question. What essentially is Elevated IGA? I have look all around google and there is not much information on it. Let me tell you my story… I went to an Endocrinologist to check on my testosterone because I am 33. I told him I was feeling okay maybe n...