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  1. Interesting! And yes i am gluten light. I only eat gluten when we go out for I dont even keep bread in the house (Just waffles for the other kids and frozen PB&J and yes separate toaster) It just irked me that the nurse was so UN-informed.
  2. I had a full panel done. Complete. Everything was normal. :/ I emailed my Dr to have a celiac test done and his uninformed nurse emailed me back. I might just email my girls Ped GI to order the tests for me.
  3. So we have been living mostly gluten-free for the girls (2 girls with celiac in the house) the they are doing great. Now i know i am the carrier for the gene. I know that celiac can come on at any time and when i was tested 2 years ago i was negative. But now i am having health issues (I am not completely...