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  1. You may have to call the manufacturer to find out. The thing to do is, take your prescription to the pharmacy and ask what company makes the pills.  they may have a phone number for them , too.  You then call and ask.  Sometimes you can find the info on their website, too.  Some companies will not come out and say "gluten-free".  They have some kind of legal statement that the product has no gluten ingredients but they don't guarantee.  Sometimes, a company won't say something is gluten-free because they don't test for gluten.  I have found very few medications to have gluten so you should be able to find a gluten-free pain reliever.

    Something else you might want to consider... I had to quit all forms of caffeine especially coffee :P  I miss it so much !  And cannot tolerate any dairy at all!!   Both these things bring on my symptoms as well as eggs and potatoes or anything with them in it :P   I really hope you can find out some positive results for your pain meds as I am on Topamax and could not imagine having to live with the pain if I had to stop that or go on the 'search' again uugg!   Good luck to you :D