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  1. I didn't mean to seem like I was attacking its just I've contacted Tons and Tons of companies....go through my old messages because I've posted most of the replys under "Product Updates." I'm sorry if you took it that way. BTW...lets not all forget there is more then just WHEAT we have to be...
  2. No offence but your wrong....plain yogurt is a lot of times gluten-free but NOT flavored. Some can say they are gluten-free but ALOT of flavored is NOT. And he did not say they can not be 100% positive...he said "ACTIVIA" is NOT gluten-free....it was me on the phone remember! I've contacted so many...
  3. For anyone wondering I called Activia yesterday. The reply I got from their reps are "no Activia yogurts are gluten safe". Just thought I'd post it if anyone was wondering. Hugs Bridge
  4. Here are more companies that got back to me. Hope this helps everyone. Hugs, Bridget ********************************************************** Chanel Dec.1,2006 Dear Bridget, Thank you for your e-mail regarding gluten in CHANEL lipsticks. I am pleased to inform you that all...