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  1. I absolutely have body odor from being glutened. I go without deodorant when possible and I distinctly remember one time an hour or so after being glutened being in a store and being mortified because I had that fight or flight smell just start. It makes my other bodily functions stink too, everything...
  2. Steph1

    Day 2

    I wish all of my responsibilities besides sleeping and going to the bathroom could disappear.
  3. Steph1

    I'm An Idiot

    I just wanted to vent. I have been gluten-free for about 3 years. I have tried gluten challenges but never make it past 2 weeks. So I figured I would try enterolab, since supposedly it is more sensitive. I ate gluten for the last 2 weeks of 2014, sent in my sample. Came back positive. So I...
  4. My daughter has had wheezing, snoring, hay fever and sleep apnea since she was about 1. The allergist. Prescribed nasal spray and said it is very possible it will progress to asthma. I took her off gluten 3 weeks ago. She didn't snore 1 night and had a normal bm. She is beginning to keep up with...