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  1. I need to jump on here more often, it again has been about a year since I have made an appearance... Unfortunately, I am struggling big time lately. About 1 1/2 years ago my doctor sent me to a nutritionist to help me sort out my Gluten Intolerance (which has not been fully diagnosed as celiac disease yet.) After I had already been gluten free over a year the nutritionist read a book to me about ingredients i can and cant eat then told me i should lose 10 pounds because ill probably end up having bad knees.... She also told me it was impossible to gain weight as quickly as i did after going gluten free. (15 pounds in three months) Luckily at that point in my life I was mentally healthy and laughed at her and walked out. Its been almost 3 years now gluten free and my intestines are going nuts. i feel hopeless and the only way that i seem to be coping is by restricting more and more from my diet. The fixation of my body image has now turned full force on keeping other certain ingredients that i know are gluten free out of my diet to see if it "helps". Well, what i tell people is that they make me sick when in reality i just want to avoid food and feel i have the perfect excuse. I dont know what to do. No doctor seems to take me seriously since i havent had a full blown diagnoses of celiac disease. I cant find a specialist where I live. Im afraid other problems have developed and at times just feel it would be better for my body to give up on itself. I never eat gluten on purpose and cant for the life of me figure out why i still feel sick. Im at a loss... Im sick of this too. I do want you all to know that i feel encouraged knowing im not alone out there. I think accountability is key. (to whoever said that) Also, coming out in the open with it...which is what i just did. I just think that gluten isnt as much as an issue as finding help for my ED now. I dont know where to start. ...Sorry I guess this is more of an ED post than a gluten free one. As usual, I guess im trying to use celiac disease as soemthing to hide behind for ED. I will be here more often since I dont live out of the country anymore (which i might add was VERY accomodating to a gluten free diet). Thank you all so much. And if anyone knows ANY gluten free specialists in California could you please send me the info. thank you all so much for listening and I hope you others out there who are struggling are getting better. Bessie
  2. I havent been here in almost a year. So much reading to catch up on. Things are still hard, its great to know that there are others out there with ED and celiac disease. Is anyone still reading this?
  3. THANK YOU THANK YOU! I was losing hope thinking i was the only one who was struggling with gluten and an ED. Im in recovery i guess you could say, with constant ups and downs. This gluten thing has helped the same way in being able to restrict food. But thanks everyone so much for letting me know im not alone. It makes this easier and I knwo I can come back here now! I will be keeping more in touch now. I will keep all your tips in mind! and be back to hear more. Please keep them coming! -Bessiey
  4. Thanks everyone. Luckily Adderall is what my doctor calls "Vacation Time" medicine. I can go on and off it whenever without a problem. Summer vacations I dont take it as well as the weekends for the most part. I feel the same after a week on, and after a week off it. He said it should be safe and that if i start to feel over stimulated after being on the diet for awhile, to try without and see if I am ok. So, thats good news. sometimes i wonder what else is wrong with me, i feel so bombarded. Gluten Intolerance, ADD and Eating Disorder. I just like to think the Gluten Free diet will help me in all areas. -Bessie
  5. Thanks Sarah. Its been about a month, and as i have said in another post, I am scared of being too careful. At this point I almost see it safer to not eat or only eat fruits and veggies and nothing else, which also roots back to eating disorder. Now, the foods that i have been eating and felt "safe" about, have been taken away and i need to figure it all out again. Like im right back where i started but with even a bigger fear and a real consequence if i eat anything wrong. I just cant seem to find my happy medium. Do you think that my ED was a cause of gluten intolerance? Please if anyone out there can relate, let me know.
  6. I would have written sooner but my internet has been down. Thank you all so much. Im still afraid im not taking this seriously enough. It has been about a month and besides that one vomiting episode I have been ok. I havent noticed much of a difference besides stomach aches and bowel movements. I think I am just too scared to be too careful. Does that make sense? I have already cut out so much and am eating so many "safe" foods that I dont think i could do anything else. Im starting to see problems with going on vacation or even simply to a friends house for the weekend. I feel so guilty for some reason, like they have to be so careful of me. So, I tell them no and just stay home. One of my friends didnt get that she had to be careful adding spices to our guacamole dip. She instinctively went for the cabinet and after she sprikled in the first one I caught her and told her she couldnt just do that anymore. She looked so annoyed and kinda rolled her eyes as i checked the pepper label. Was I out of my mind? Have I gone to far or is this normal? After that incident I decided i needed to cool down and have been pretty relaxed ever since. I guess im so confused because at the same time, Im so uptight! Anyone feel like this also? Thanks again. -Bessie
  7. Hi everyone. I struggle with anorexia and bulimia and am scared of gaining weight from being on this diet. From articles I have read about it, it seems that people generally gain weight? Am I wrong? I have finally hit a point where i can be content with my weight, but the thought that being on this diet that may have me gain weight, even though it helps me feel better all around, makes it almost not worth it to me. I ve worked so hard to be happy where I am at. Anyone have any insight to this? I know my mind is warped when it comes to talking about weight and body image so if i am just reading these articles wrong and my brain is twisting them up, please let me know. Anyone else able to relate to this? thanks, Bessie
  8. I was diagnosed with ADD when i was 20. Now, two years later, I have gluten intolerance. Has anyone else noticed that their ADD has calmed down after going on a gluten-free diet? SHould i stop taking my medication and see what happens? Anyone know anything about this? Thanks!
  9. Hi again and thanks everyone! Well, Im not a "celiac" yet just gluten intolerance i think and my doc wants me to see if it is worth going gluten-free. I have not eliminated dairy and have had alot of it and feel fine after wards. No reaction. I dont understand how careful i need to be, like shampoo or conditioner? I do take medicine for ADD. I take Adderall and should find out about whats in that. Is it possible to get gluten ingested by just being around it? I work at a preschool and am constantly around crackers and flour play dough and who knows what other glutenous items. I agree that i need to give it more time. I think i just panicked after i threw up. Im also very afraid of gaining weight as I have been anorexic/bulimic in the past. Is it true that there is a lot of weight gain in this diet? I may post that question in the weight place to find out as well as a question about Adderall else where. thanks for the food lists, they have helped out a lot! Thanks for letting me figure things out as well. -Bessie
  10. Hi. Im new and so happy to have found this board. I feel like the gluten-free diet isnt working for me. Ok a little background, I am 22 and just graduated college. Ive always had stomach aches, gas, and heartburn, but, about a year ago I started throwing up, bad stomach cramps and having diahreah for about a week every three months. One time I actually passed out. Doctors tested me for my liver gallbladder and anemia. All looked good and it was commented on how high my iron levels were for a girl my age. I also have been diagnosed with ADD and have had horrible leg pains, like growing pains my whole life. Is that something too? Just recently a doctor suggested that I try a gluten-free diet. I got the test and my IGG i believe was positive, the rest negative, so she said try it out and see if it is worth it. I have been for the last week and i have still had stomach aches after everything i eat, and gas. Today i actually threw up again and had horrible cramping. I have been so careful that none of this makes sense. Can anyone relate to this? Am I diagnosed wrong? I am really at a loss of hope right now. Does it get worse before it gets better? Please help me understand anyone. Thanks -Bessie