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  1. I don't know anything about Scotomas, but aside from investigating the foods high in fructans, have you considered that the seasonality of the problem could be related to having more sunlight exposure in the summer? Have you tried to limit your light exposure with the use of hats and darker/bigger...
  2. Just tried making a fake pizza last night using a gluten-free tortilla as the crust. It certainly wasn't pizza as I remember it but it was super easy, and the tortilla wasn't so bad because I really don't like gluten-free bread of any type. Because it was thin, I didn't notice the flavor so much...
  3. Iron intake is actually a triplicate kind of deal that involves the intestine that not just absorbs iron, but also stores it for up to three days in case it is needed, and the thyroid sending out something that tells the liver to produce something that allows iron to be absorbed. (Sorry. I don't...
  4. My guess is that you're not getting any responses because, at this point in time, joint popping is considered to be normal. It isn't a medical symptom, doesn't cause any damage, and there is no treatment needed unless you have pain, swelling, or a joint gets stuck, which you didn't mention as being...
  5. Wines are known for causing reactions, though gluten is not the problem. Many of them contain so many ingredients that it would be impossible to guess what was causing a reaction when no ingredients are listed. Here is a link to an article that talks about why vintners don't list ingredients. And...
  6. Not saying that it is the only cause, but Interstial Cystitis is often related to group b strep, for which about a third of the population are carriers. Drinking lots of water is often all that needs to be done in order to keep the bacteria from getting a hold and growing in abundance to the point...
  7. For me, though gluten-free meant that a whole list of symptoms went away almost immediately, it took me another 3-4 months to figure out that I also had vitamin deficiencies. I got tested and once I started supplementing B12, my abdominal pain eased up and finally went away after a couple months...