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  1. Thanks everyone. What they’re saying is that the facility also produces products with wheat so there can be cross-contamination. I’m not drinking too much and the reaction I’m getting is my very typical gluten exposure reaction. I don’t have time to squeeze my own so if anyone else can recommend a brand that they haven’t gotten a reaction from I would appreciate it. I realize everyone’s tolerance is different but that would be at least somewhere for me to start.
  2. Actually that’s not what I was told when I called a couple companies.
  3. Has anyone found an orange juice that isn't produced with the possibility of cross-contamination?
  4. Can undiagnosed celiac disease cause muscle atrophy?
  5. Can anyone recommend a hot cereal without rice or oats?
  6. Where exactly do I find it?
  7. Can anyone recommend a gastro who understands Celiac disease in my area?
  8. I am having other technical problems. I can't find the control panal or where to post a question. I would appreciate it if you could please help.
  9. Can anyone recommend a Celiac specialist in northern central jersey, or union county?
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