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  1. It's a running thing with the people in their 20's...post "doing it"....man: "make me a sandwich"....woman: "if you would 'do it' right, I wouldn't be able to move to make you a sandwich."....I guess I just showed my age there
  2. Or maybe dinner was too good and he was too full from such a good dinner to move. (Kinda like women like to say "I shouldn't be able to get up and make a sandwich after we 'do it'."<-------and no I'm not saying I expect a sandwich.)
  3. I must not be in the loop....which means I'm probably too old for modern lingo (which is saying something cuz I'm it that old), but what is "KFG"?
  4. How about you try making them, and I will eat them for you?
  5. If you donated enough, I hope you managed to get it donated to a charity that makes wigs for cancer patients. (Sorry, but that topic hits rather close to home right now)
  6. My Aldi can't have anything "back" because they just opened......and I love it! I don't care about having to bag my own groceries when I am slicing my grocery bill by 60%+!! (Actually I prefer bagging my own so chemicals, dry, fridge, and frozen aren't all in the same bag). But I am definitely looking...
  7. I would definitely get sick with them. It's like you get that one thing (like fresh out of the over gluten free cinnamon rolls) that you can't really have elsewhere, and you sit down to eat some and save some for later, and then realize someone stole some of your food right off your plate cuz it...
  8. I'm fixing to make me some Chinese. :-) except I'm gonna be using chicken and shrimp instead of cat. Lol. But anywho, got some peas, chicken, shrimp, carrots, rice, gluten free sauce (not sure which one I'm gonna try today), and whatever else I find to throw in there. :-)
  9. Thanks Laura, now I want some Taco Bell, "eat great, even late [unless you have celiac]".
  10. All this cook book talk! It's making me want to get out of bed and cook something, but alas, it's 1am and I don't wanna get up and shouldn't eat this late. But I did kill it at Aldi's today! I was able to buy some fresh fruits and veggies (first time in a while), and tomorrow I'm gonna hit them up...
  11. Irish, your name tells us that. ;-P Speaking of which, I think I may be turning Irish, I've been hooked on McKinsey's hard ciders since a friend of mine gave me some to try at a new product meeting with the distributor.
  12. My favorite word in that entire statement!
  13. And now for a post related to the thread topic....tonight for dinner I decided to be a little uncreative...just simple pasta with diced grilled chicken and red sauce. Pretty good for being simple stuffs.
  14. Haha. This makes me think of last night when I went to my favorite "watering hole" and got a few drinks (they got Johnny Appleseed on draft now! I tell myself it's just for me!) But anywho, one of the servers comes up to me and asks "what gluten free beers do we have?" Weird I know, but she knows...