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  1. Today is my 2 year anniversary from going gluten free, and I am better. Of course, I am not as better as I would like to be...58 years of diminishing nutrition has taken it's toll. I am now on Insulin for the Diabetes that hit two years before the discovery of those nasty alleles in the family genetics when my Niece was diagnosed. It seems that not enough nutrients cause no end of ramifications to your overall health, but I can say with truth that I am making progress. I am sleeping well, and actually feeling somewhat rested by the sleep, and evidently am taking up more nutrients for all purposes, since I have more energy, and do more to continue to alter my life to chase a full recovery. In the world's eyes it does not look like much, but when I consider how ill I have been in the past, and how much better I have come to feel, I can ignore other people's opinions. I will never be the normal active person I failed to be the rest of my life while eaten gluten, but I will be a little less disabled, step by step, and consequently, happy that good things are happening to me, even if it seems like little progress to others who want an instant fix for a problem I have been suffering from since conception. I wish, of course, to be fully healed from everything my body is reacting to due to lack of nutrients, and continue to take mineral supplementation in an ionic base so that I can get some of the minerals to the right places. And I am changing my diet for the fourth time, and cooking differently once again, and getting rid of low nutrient foods as my upper intestine seems to be acting as if the villi are back in place to a degree. My stomach still protests anything with fiber being put in it. I only know that going off gluten has made me better, and being properly diagnosed has changed my entire view of myself as being an unhealthy person. I now only see myself as a starvation victim despite always having had a full belly, and have begun to look at who I have been, and the choices I made from the knowledge that I was a fine racing car operating on watered fuel, and suffering from bad mechanic's who had no idea they should check what was making my engine sputter! I wanted also to report in, for those that think they will never get past the desire for a hot piece of garlic bread, and the lack of edible can be done, and if you will but be patient with your self, and study all your reactions to food, you can design a life that will suit you well enough to enjoy being alive.
  2. Questore

    I'm Cold!?

    I have been wondering the same. For the first time in my life, I have 1) not been suffocating all the time, and 2) my body temperature went from 97.4 average lifelong, to NORMAL at 98.6! I have found that it is very strange to be getting more healthy as I age. I went off wheat, and starting taking a lot of missing minerals. I got better. On the other hand, my allergies are worse this fall...but that could be the weather...very strange here in California, actually having a little rain!
  3. Oh, made my day! I am still laughing!!! All fun aside, I say "I have a disease that makes wheat, rye, barley and oats burn the lining of my somach like acid, and makes me sick for weaks over one crumb. Can you help me?" I don't even need to name the disease.
  4. And I'm #3...I have had severe Brain Fog for the last 19 years, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromayalgia, IBS, Anxiety, Depression, and a dozen other things going back 53 years to when I was 6 years old! I have been Gluten Free 14 days, and have the best, most alert mind, and feeling of happiness since day 4. Not having the Fog, the Tireds, make it worth living without gluten. I look forward to being really well...evidently, like others here on the forum, I have never known what 'well' feels like. You are looking at your most likely answer already...get tested, and then get off the gluten!
  5. Dee, I've been trying to find a list of the 300 symptoms, but can't get more than the obvious, standard ten or so list. Can you tell me where to get the list? Thanks, Q
  6. Having just turned 59, and being spouse, kids or family...I am looking at having to get healthy enough to live on my 5 acres in SoCal, and raise my own food indefinately, and hopefully falling over in my greenhouse, and not being found until it's far too late to do anything for me. That means a living trust, orders to be taken of at home...which is cheaper than nursing homes, and a paid off home to use as a checking account for my last days. That and a sincere belief that YHVH will prevent me from acquiring any more disabilities than I already have will keep me from a half-life in a nursing home, as SoCal is already letting people die at home now. Another 20 years, and the state will be helping us exit this life quickly, I have no doubt. A full Diagnosis is valuable if you need it to get appropriate treatment in the future, and most people do need it for that, not to mention for warning your family about their possible genetic link.
  7. I take something similar, and really feel my allergies galloping back in just a week, yet it takes a good six weeks to really take will need to call your pediatrician to find out how long your son's medication takes to get out of the may have a higher half life than mine does. Just be ready for a heavy eyed snuffly and miserable boy in the interim. My heart goes out to him, and you. Good luck on the testing.
  8. Questore

    And The Torture Begins...

    I haven't been having as much trouble as I thought I would...then I remembered, I had had intensive training for this years ago...with just oatmeal and potatoes! I did however need to go shopping this week at a normal know, where they put all the pastries just inside the entrance door! Talk about wanting to holler at someone for being so insensitive!!! I put my nose in the air, and tried hard to feel as nauseated as if I had eaten them. My real problem right now is finding a good bread recipe...I want to use all the grains and seeds I can, attempting to replace my beloved Orowheat Honey Wheat Berry that I could scarcely find in the stores when I was eaten food with gluten in it! I tried both of the RedHill is a bit corn flavored, but okay...the other a lot buckwheat flavored, and not so okay...I had to put butter and Maple Syrup on it to eat it at all. Now begins the experimentation...and lab notes!
  9. Questore

    Newly Diagnosed

    Red Hill Products are available on line and in quantity, and there are many online stores that speciallize in all the grains, flours, nuts, and seeds that make no-gluten breads tasty. I've ordered in several things to try in small amounts, and am relearning to bake my own breads...isn't that what bread machines are for? After I get some bread made today, I plan to reporoduce my very favorite triple dark brownies...and hope that Red Hill's flour will give me a tasty result. With the occasional sandwich and brownie, I will not be missing much except the convenience...and the occasional Twinkie! As for eating to the manager before you go...some have special procedures in place for Celiac' merely has to let them know you are not just a 'gluten free' faddist, but the actual disease.
  10. My apologies, KarenG. I responded to what I saw in the post...I must have been very tired. I have corrected the word stomach to upper intestines as per your correction. Thank you for your corrections.
  11. I heard that the pain was the last to go...but that's probably for those of us with Fibromyagia - muscles stiff and cramping everywhere! Ha! It's probably what ever you need fixed most that will go away last.
  12. I take all liquid vitamins...ionic everything, plus ionic minerals of Postassium, Magnesium, Zinc, Calcium, and an Ionic Blood Sugar Support blend of Manganese, Vanadium, Chromium, Fulvic Acid, and all 72 trace minerals...four times a day in one cup of raw homemade veggie juice. Can't taste them, and they absorb before they hit the Upper GI tract. I have new probiotics and enzymes on order, so no idea how those help...I am sure they will add something to the mix. I defininitely noticed the ionic minerals when I started them, as they are the electrolytes that help run your brain. I know I have mal-absorption of zinc and protein (my fingernails show it), but this is only a week old with going off gluten, so I won't know for a while when I begin to absorb them again. On the other hand, I feel awfully good for just 6 days on Gluten Free...have more energy and better sleep, with slightly less stomach cramps. I don't worry about overdoing the vitamin and minerals...I watch my urine, and as soon as I notice it getting more than light yellow I cut back...and when it goes too pale, add them back in again. I also take Primrose Oil and Remifemin for bad Hot cut the intensity by about 2/3.
  13. Thank you all! I love having a good laugh over anything. It seems to burn pretty far up, rather than at an "exit" point...but before they told me I had IBS, they told me I had Colitus, so I am not really surprised...! When I think back over the years and all the problems, and diagnoses I've gotten, I get so mad that someone didn't just think to check, but just as I have a low opinion of Lawyers, I have the same feeling towards the medical profession! Not that they both cannot do good for people, but that they so often don't!
  14. CyclingLady...where can we find the list of the 300 symptoms of Celiac?
  15. I am glad to have you! I am not diagnosed yet...I am older and alone, and it hurts no one if I do not get diagnosed...not even me. But I am gluten-free for 6 days, and it's already worth it. I can't wait till I get to 6 months to see how much difference it makes. The difficulty for me with advocating for myself is that people do not want to pay attention to what I am actually saying. They hear the anxiety in my voice, and they rush in to smooth things over, and make me feel better, but I end up not being heard, The oddity of Celiac seems to be that one day, your body decides to recognize the protein in wheat/barley/rye that we call gluten as a poison, and not a nutrient. The effect is to kill the upper gastrointestinal tract cells...leaving little bits of burned out cells behind. After a while, the intestines get really spotty, and don't take up nutients well because so many cells have been burned off. Then your brain begins to react, and everything gets out of balance. No nutrients of one kind or another, and the brain doesn't produce the right hormone here, or make that enzyme there. Your cortisol spurts, and suddenly, you feel like you should be running from a dragon, and it's just your next door neighbor saying hello. Or a little boy at the bus stop that picks on you on the way to school. Then other things in your hormones change their levels to react to the cortisol, and then your brain reacts to the hormones, and suddenly stops producing serotonin, and you get depressed. The downward cycle continues. Less and less nutrient uptake, and less and less for your brain to use to try and run your body, and the worse you feel, and the more anxiety and depression, and then you start to feel all the effects of everything going wrong...your personal version of course..everyone seems to have a slightly different chain of events. But by the time you find all this out, you have been acting touchy and fearful, no matter how hard you try to control it, and the more you try to hide it, the more stress you cause yourself, and adds more cortisol to the cascade of hormones, messing things up even more. People do not understand what is happening to you...they know it's something, but after a while, they just try to say soothing things, and do not take you seriously. It's bad enough with your friends and family, but when the Doctors do it, they are preventing you from getting well, and they do not know they are doing it. They are busy, and they will write you a script, and smooth over the anxiety and depression with meds, but it all still keeps going. Trying to get anyone to sit still for the entire story, when they have already heard parts of it is darn near impossible. Until they see the research and the data, they will not hear you very well, and end up making you feel crazy fo being sick...or sick because you are crazy, and you cannot reverse the impression in their minds until you are well. It takes a long time to show people that something changed. And until they see that you are getting better, or you have a horrendous diagnosis from a Doctor that says CELIAC DISEASE, they will have trouble seeing what the big deal is. It's only a little flour, after's no big deal...right? Just 1/24 of a teaspoon of flour will make you suffer...just tiny pinch of bread...a crouton...a single lousy crushed crouton sprinkled over your salad, and you feel awful for days...and they don't seem to get it. With a diagnosis you have a chance to communicate, but you have to get in people's faces, and get used to being stressed out by standing up to them, and be heard, or make the choice of going silent, and just making all the changes. That's hard for our nerves too...humans need feedback or they feel like they are not seen, not heard, and not real somehow. We need's built in to the human condition. The simpler the explanation, the "No, thank you, "...or "I don't eat that anymore." And when they ask why, just say it makes you feel sick. Don't describe it, don't does no good. Just stick to your guns, and when you have a diagnosis give them a copy of it, and a few choice printout's from this site...or the University of Chicago, or from your Doctor, if you have a good one...they do exist. And keep not explaining. Just say it, and do it. They do not have to understand, although it is nice when they begin to. They just have to hear you, and accept that gluten is a poison to you. It's not to everyone...just about 1 in 150 people or so. And it's can't fix won't go away. Your condition will just keep quiet if you don't mess it up with their "Just one bite won't hurt you!" Keep it simple, and repeat. If it's your family, repeat it a lot. Be stubborn. No you can't just have one bite is enough to make you sick for a week, or weeks. Get graphic with your's a poison when it hit's your body...they are lucky, because it burns your intestines like acid....poison....burns. It is, after all the truth. We just have been too polite about our problems, and look what it gets us...ignored, and shoved to one side by too many people, particularly Doctors. As for the stress in standing up for is self's worth it in the long run...but it sure feels awful sometimes. Don't give up. XXXXX