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  1. Well Ive read a lot online that people can experience headaches and fatigue along with some other symptoms when stopping gluten because the wheat actually contains a substance that acts like an opiate to the brain, kind of like quitting caffeine, the body needs time to adjust. So I guess Im curious to find out how other people felt after quitting gluten and how long their symptoms lasted.

  2. I've been completely gluten free for a few weeks. I started initially going gluten free at the end of March but gave in a few times and it was NOT worth it, really bad headache and fatigue. But because I don't have the "official" diagnosis yet I'm not sure if what I'm feeling is normal. My overall symptoms have not improved much. Even after being gluten free for 3 straight weeks my symptoms are not better, I just notice I feel worse after eating gluten. And lately I've been experiencing even worse fatigue and sometimes sort of blurry vision at night. Also I get a headache every single night. Does this seem like withdrawal symptoms? I expected some symptoms for the first week but didn't really get any until now. I am deficient in iron and vitamin d. I've started a prescription strength vitamin d and take OTC iron, b12, magnesium, riboflavin, and coq10. Any thoughts or input? I am awaiting test results although my doc seems pretty convinced it's gluten related.