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  1. I'm going to Peoria Il. for the weekend in a few weeks and need some choices for dining out. Anyone down there?????? Thanks
  2. I love the turkey legs at Disney..I had no reaction.....I wish I was there eating one right now!!!
  3. Julie, Could you please send me the disney info. Thanks A1piet@aol.com
  4. I bought the Savory Lentil and it says wheat flour in the ingredients list. I saw it after I ate it. It was not pretty. ALWAYS check the labels....
  5. I love the key's .... There is an Outback just south of Key Largo. You should be able it get grilled fresh fish in most places. Coconuts has good food. I have not been to the...
  6. Okay I know kozy shack pudding are gluten-free, But what about Jello or hunts. I like SF and FF if possible. Thanks
  7. Anyone have any ideas or experience there for eating? I checked the website and will be calling there tomorrow.
  8. Before anyone else says it , I know it's better to be healthy than thin. That being said, the weight gain after going gluten-free has me wondering in (fleeting moments)if it's...
  9. The Showplace 14 by us doesn't have gluten-free popcorn. I spoke to the Manager. It was very disappointing. I love the stuff. Now I smuggle in gluten-free micro popcorn. But...
  10. Please send me the restaurant list. Thank you. A1piet@aol.com
  11. I have been trying to find a list for my Pocket PC. I found this one. It's expensive and I was wondering if it was worth it. THanks Anique
  12. Could someone please send me the delphi list. Thanks A1piet@aol.com
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