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  1. I love the key's .... There is an Outback just south of Key Largo. You should be able it get grilled fresh fish in most places. Coconuts has good food. I have not been to the Keys since I have been Dx but I was in Long boat key and had an easy time. The Keys fishery in Marathon is good, but hard to find. Where are you staying. We have been to the Westin Key Largo twice and to Hawks cay and to Key West several times.

  2. Before anyone else says it , I know it's better to be healthy than thin. That being said, the weight gain after going gluten-free has me wondering in (fleeting moments)if it's all worth it. Watching the lbs. go up is also as depressing as being sick all the time. I have always been an active person. I workout 2 hrs a day. always watch what I eat and it has made no difference. My weight keeps creeping up. :(