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  1. My mom has celiac and reads this site regularly, so that keeps me accountable. In fact, she is able to go to my user and read all of my posts! It makes me think about what I type a little more since I know I'm not totally anonymous! Lisa
  2. Eating

    My favorite food while I was pregnant was quesadillas-melted cheese between two corn tortillas, with sour cream, salsa, and tomatoes spread on top. I would use a pizza cutter to cut into 8 wedges, to make it easier to eat, like a pizza. I ate about 2 or 3 of these a day while I was pregnant, but my intense craving for them went away when the baby arrived. BTW, I had a beautiful baby girl on July 5th. Perfectly healthy (and praying for no celiac gene!!), 8 lbs. 1 oz. Even with all of my mistakes during my pregnancy with gluten, she had no problems at all. Good luck finding that one food that will become your staple. Whoppers were it for me my first pregnancy, but thank God that wasn't an option for me this time!! Lisa
  3. I eat at Taco Bell all the time. The meat sauce has oats (!), how weird, huh? I always get the tostada, and the zesty chicken bowl without red strips or sauce. I have them add sour cream, although you may want to double check on gluten free status 1-800-tacobell. I have called before and they should be able to tell you all of the ingredients of everything, including allergens (I forgot to ask about sour cream, but I've never had a reaction). There are other options at the bottom of their menu. Lisa
  4. Are there any sodas that contain gluten? I haven't found one yet, but just curious.
  5. Did I hear correctly? Are there gluten free Trix and Cocoa Puffs? If that is true, I think I will buy 20 boxes of each before they change their mind and start adding wheat or malt again. Someone please clarify-is it only certain varieties or old boxes or something????? I'm getting excited here.....
  6. I used to be ecstatic when I would find an onion ring in my BK fries! Bonus! Now the thought makes me cringe. How my life has changed.....
  7. La Choy also makes a gluten free teriyaki sauce. I just use the frozen stir fry veggies from Wal-Mart. I use vegetable oil, and cook the chicken first, then move it up onto the side of the wok, then throw the frozen veggies in. Then I add the sauce once everything is cooked. I also pour a beaten egg or two over everything, stir, and let it cook a little while. Makes a really good texture. I used to add crushed Ramen Noodles and the sauce pack (chicken flavor) as seasoning, but that's off limits now. I learned to cook from my dad, and he is very frugal and resourceful. Thinking about my old stir fry is making me kinda sad It was one of my favorite recipes in the whole world.
  8. I feel your pain! Luckily, I started on the gluten-free diet just after a bunch of cereals went off the "safe" list, so I never even realized there were more choices. I used to get Safeway's corn pops, but then they added wheat starch, and I used to get Malt-o-Meal's chocolate krispies cereal, and of course, they added wheat, along with their corn pops. Now I either get Cocoa Pebbles (I should knock on wood!) or the $4 a box kind, which has like 3 bowls of cereal in it. I am such a cereal person, so it sucks when you find something you like only to find out you can't have it anymore! Lisa
  9. My husband can't complain about how much time I spend on here. I only get on the computer once every day or two, maybe an hour at a time. It could become all consuming, but when you're the one being ignored because your spouse is on the computer all the time, and even your kids start rolling their eyes when you ask where dad is ("on the computer of course"), you quickly realize that life is too short to get involved in every single discussion on every single site to the point where it is sucking up all of your free time. It's not fair to the other people in your life. Sorry, sensitive subject for me!
  10. I go to Taco Bell at least once a week, and always get the tostada, and the Zesty chicken bowl minus red strips (no sauce). Their website has gluten free choices at the bottom of the nutritional info page. I've never had a problem, though I'm not super sensitive either. I can't imagine living without Taco Bell! I must say, though, that the last time I was there, they made my tostada with a flour tortilla!!! I was not happy! I called the main number (1-800-TACOBELL) and I have a coupon for a free item, plus the local manager called and offered me a free lunch, and informed me that she would make sure her employees did not let this happen again. They are really together when it comes to customer questions and comments! I also get a bunless burger and fries from McDonald's and have never had a problem. But anytime you eat fast food, you are taking chances. Even normal people have to worry about cleanliness in some of those places! Lisa
  11. Before I went on the diet, I was on dapsone, which controlled the breakouts. If I didn't take the medication, I would get DH on my hands, toes, knees, elbows, below my armpits, other places we won't mention, and yes, even my face. I am convinced if at the time I had completely gone off dapsone, I would have been covered from head to toe in bumps. They started out just on knees and elbows sporadically, and eventually spready to more and more places. After just a few weeks on the gluten free diet, they disappeared and haven't returned. I also would get blood blisters right below the surface of the skin on my fingers, and tops of my toes, then they would dry up. Anyone else had this happen? (Gone now, of course) It would look weird having all these red spots on the tips of my fingers where it looked like there was dried blood right below the surface of the skin. I'm convinced it had something to do with gluten and DH. When I was in junior high, my doctor said "maybe you're pinching your fingers when you open your locker". Nice try, doctor . Lisa
  12. I stopped using iodized salt, and I've noticed that I have no DH reaction from gluten, even when there is a GI reaction (the iodine is the only thing I can think of). Lisa
  13. I would definitely have the doctor perform a biopsy. It took years before my dermatologist finally got the bright idea . My DH has come and gone sporadically, even going into remission for months at a time, so it's hard to put it in a box-everyone's different. I am now gluten free and even when I have eaten something I shouldn't and get sick to my stomach, no bumps appear. If it is DH and gluten is removed, then there shouldn't be anything to biopsy, since the reaction needs gluten to happen. The biopsy is such a simple procedure, and would give you the definite answer you need. Plus, if what I've heard is right, if it is DH, then you can be sure she has celiac, too. Good luck! Lisa
  14. Just curious: if the gluten hidden in scrapes in a non-stick pan, cutting board or plastic colander won't come out by intentional and vigorous scrubbing, then how does it transfer onto food so easily? Lisa
  15. I would have to say it is very difficult to be 100% gluten free with a family of gluten eaters. I try to do gluten-free dinners, but we can't afford that all the time, so I will make them hamburger helper or whatever, and I will have the same thing I always have-a quesadilla with sour cream, salsa and tomatoes on top. What I have a hard time with is getting them to understand that when they eat my gluten free snacks first, I am left with nothing and they still have tons to choose from. It's almost like it is more attractive if I bought it just for me. Or if I make gluten-free cake or brownies-they are gone in the first day or two. Of course, they can all have Krispy Kremes or cookies anytime they want, and the one time there's something for me, it gets gobbled up like it's nothing. Of course, I am the bad guy if I don't share. I don't have separate cutting boards, knives or cookware. But I wash everything in the dishwasher, so it seems like it should be fine. I can't afford all new stuff anyway. I always use paper towels-I go through a ton of them, don't know what I'd do without them. I wish I had an answer to your problem, but I have to deal with the same thing all the time. People have a hard time understanding how difficult it is. And emotionally draining at times! Lisa
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