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  1. Before I went on the diet, I was on dapsone, which controlled the breakouts. If I didn't take the medication, I would get DH on my hands, toes, knees, elbows, below my armpits, other places we won't mention, and yes, even my face. I am convinced if at the time I had completely gone off dapsone...
  2. I have been wondering about taco seasoning as well. I have a big container of McCormick (the kind you buy at Costco), but the ingredients label gets peeled off to reveal the instructions. So I don't even have ingredients to check. Is this the same as the packets? Has anyone else used this before...
  3. Their website says that the Hot chilli is gluten free? Maybe they've changed the ingredients. And oatmeal in chilli? That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard of.
  4. I have never seen Hormel Chilli w/beans listed or talked about as gluten-free, but their website assures that it is. I used to love Nalley chilli, and I thought I would just have to give up chilli & cheese dip, but Hormel chilli is very comparable. It is good as a dip or on nachos or baked...