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  1. My curiosity continues to grow. I am a nurse, and we all know nurses have a tendency to over-research and self diagnose. However, from my early twenties until recently, I've noticed so many symptoms that point to gluten sensitivity. I always thought I was super sensitive to sodium, seeing as how I swell so easily after eating processed foods and how I swelled up so much during both of my pregnancies. I've also had a sensitive stomach for the majority of my life. I've noticed within the last few years that I am having more and more symptoms of gluten sensitivity (i.e. bloating, swelling of the body (thighs, face, hands, etc), increased anxiety after ingesting gluten, lethargy, irritability, depression, a very difficult time losing weight regardless of diet and moderate to intense exercise.) I had an EGD in January of this year, and my stomach biopsies were normal. Blood pressure is always 100/60ish, pulse in the 70s. Electrolytes within normal limits. I've attempted to eliminate gluten from my diet completely over the past month or so. Yesterday, I snuck a bite of my child's cheese quesadilla (on a flour tortilla), then quickly spit it out. I woke up this morning feeling extremely swollen, tired, lethargic, with general malaise. Do these symptoms sound like gluten sensitivity to you all? I would love to know for sure from folks who suffer from this and have the diagnosis. Thanks.