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  1. I keep Austin Ciders in the fridge for guest (my dad is a long time beer guy and he says they are great he like the honey one), I also have a local brewer who makes moon shine with just white oak chips, yeast, and sugar...I have a few jars of it. I cook with Admiral Nelson Rum, I keep the coconut one and plain for cooking same with some non corked barefoot white and red wine Just a splash in some dishes with water to deglaze pans and add a splash of flavor (chef work). and have a vanilla Admiral Nelsons Rum in the cupboard for guest. I have Ciroc vodka made from grapes on that same shelf, and I do not recall the brand but I had a taquilla but someone finished it off. I have heard good things about ace ciders and a few others. I personally can not drink due to ulcerative colitis. I instead use watkins rum extract, amoretti wine extracts, or Lor Ann Sparking wine extracts...just 4-6 drops to a glass of tea, bubbly water, or zevia no sugar soda.....dumb but it helps give me that liquor flavor. https://austineastciders.com/ http://www.acecider.com/ https://www.captainmorgan.com/ ^Old Staple for many and company says they are gluten free http://admiralnelsonsrum.com/ http://www.titosvodka.com/ ^Corn Based Vodka https://www.ciroc.com/ ^Grape Based Vodka
  2. Thoughts on my first few weeks gluten free

    Read the newbie 101 make sure your doing everything right, removing diary and oats is normally suggested for the first few months. Also make sure you threw out contaminated scratched pots, crumbed condiment jars, cutting boards etc. https://www.celiac.com/forums/topic/91878-newbie-info-101/ To help with the fog try this combo, Liquid Health Stress & Energy, and Liquid Health Neurological Support 1 tbsp each 3 times a day. Also to help with fatigue and brain issues you need to take magnesium which is a common issue with this disease, here depending on your bowl habits depends on what you need. If you have constipation then Natural Vitality Calm, take 1/4tsp (1-2g) at first and up it every day 1/4tsp (1-2g) to the full dose or til you get loose stools then back it back down dosing to tolerance. If you have normal daily bowl movements get Doctors Best Magnesium powder and take as suggested, night works best. Iron, to help absorption you have to take it with vitamin C other wise your going to have more issues, topped with damaged gut and body constantly healing you need the help. I use Vegan Protein Powders like Jarrow Pumpkin, Naked Pea, Growing naturals pea, Julian Bakery Pegan (both plain which is sancha inchi, and the cinnamon twist which is pumpkin), MRM Veggie elite etc all of which are high iron, magnesium, etc and great for working out, recovery. It took the first 2 years of healing before I started being able to step up my work out regime....I am now body building and working out most of the week. I personally follow a Paleo/Keto diet to manage other conditions and it keeps a lean and muscular build sustainable due to the higher protein, fats, and iron intakes and this disease. Zinc might also be needed, which you can get in lozenges...if the lozenges taste like metal then your good, your body lets you know by the taste if it needs it or not.
  3. Well I have for years not used beef bullion in recipes as it always either has too much sodium, some other crap in it, or just made me feel sick. Even pacific brand broth I used in moderation seemed to lack flavor. I recently found a alternative in a supplement form of beef bone broth from Jarrow, that does not bother me and does not seem super salty. IT is gluten free, corn free, no added salt, or yeast extracts. Started using it broth bases and I love how I can adjust the flavor with the amount so easy. Find it on amazon or here at thrive market. https://www.amazon.com/Jarrow-Formulas-Beyond-Broth-Ounce/dp/B01M5D59FC https://thrivemarket.com/p/jarrow-formulas-beyond-bone-broth OH first time gluten free orders you get 25% off with http://thrv.me/gf25
  4. Standard is blood test then endoscope you can read up here https://celiac.org/celiac-disease/understanding-celiac-disease-2/diagnosing-celiac-disease/screening/ But looks like your probably have it, keeping eating gluten daily til testing done, might as well bucketlist your foods you will have to remove as with this disease you can not cheat, and while almost everything can be made gluten free now days, you will still surely miss eating out so see about knocking out those crazy meals you might have been wanting to try. You can read up more on the transition here. https://www.celiac.com/forums/topic/91878-newbie-info-101/ And while a whole foods diet is suggested at first, with removal of dairy and oats here is a list of gluten free alternatives I have composed lessen your worries about stuff. https://www.celiac.com/forums/topic/121148-gluten-free-food-alternative-list-2018-q2/
  5. Don't Eat

    Here are some fun ideas I have been playing with really simple Pizza Scramble Hormel Pepperoni, Eggs, Cheese shreds of choic, bit of milk of choice, gluten-free pizza or marinara sauce, Optional, lettuce wraps, chopped veggies/pizza toppings Chop up or tear the pepperoni into pieces and throw in a skillet and heat til the grease comes out and greases the pan Crack in your eggs, and pour a splash of the milk on and scramble like normal (touch of almond or normal milk makes the fluffy/creamy)| Once cooked pour sauce over top and a bit of hte cheese stir up well plate and top with more cheese and serve with wraps or eat with a fork Pizza Chicken, this is a play on chicken cordon bleu but with pepperoni, cheese, and sauce, Cut your chicken breast open almost all the way through so you can open it like a book, stuff the breast with 2 spoons of sauce good pinch of cheese, and 6 slices pep, close the breast and put the same on top. I used a george forman and cooked at 350F for 18 mins but you can use a normal grill, or bake in the oven for 20-30 mins til done. serve with more sauce over the top.
  6. SO OVER eating gluten free!

    You must live in some far flung third world country. There are plenty of naturally gluten free foods that taste great...you want desserts? I do great ones in my bakery, amusingly I have been donating and sneaking my left over goods into churches and setting them up at the coffee fellowship for the past 3 weeks...guess what, my baked goods are taken and gone before they even go for the doughnuts from the gluten bakery. My Vanilla Cranberry muffins and chocolate chips cookies are GRAIN FREE and VEGAN in addition to gluten free....years of perfection, and total love and dedication to baking and produced gluten free baked goods that are LOVED more then gluten doughnut by kids and adults.......Though I have not even told them they are gluten free and only a select few know.....next month I am dropping the bomb shell of the truth during service. THE BAKED GOODS ARE GLUTEN FREE! lol Amusingly several naturally made gluten free foods are gluten free, apple gate meats, ore ida hashbrowns, Jennie-O meats....wtf are you one that you do not notices these and have your head so flung up your depressive bung hole that you do not see the light of what you do have. STOP focusing on what you miss and look at what there is and always has been gluten free already. Seriously next time your heading to the Dallas area of Texas tell me I will cook your a great meal free of charge. I just recently got great review from some new meal of ideas I started catering like pizza chicken.
  7. Honeymoon Suggestions?

    Your responding to a 2011 post but congratulations on YOUR upcoming wedding. IF you decide on the USA and Texas, I know San Antonio is great, and if you postpone the honeymoon til December they have xmas lights all over the riverwalk and is quite the sight (I can send pictures). I myself live up near Dallas but they have very few options other then a chain of bakeries, and 2 dedicated restaurants one being a English pup the other a Mexican both owned by fellow celiacs. They have some nice options in San Antonio like Las Canarias in the Omni La Mansion hotel on the Riverwalk, 5pointslocal is a completely gluten free restaurant, and there is Wholesome Eating LLC Gluten Free Bakery and Café again completely gluten free, I loved zushisushi but who goes to Texas for sushi?
  8. Spices, honestly most of us go with Spicely Organics I have their adobe seasons and am quite happy with it, it is even salt free so I salt separately. The Spice house has never let me down either and is great for sausage, and chorizo seasonings for making meats/vegan meats. And many trust mcormicks...but they have betrayed me on occasions.
  9. Mine is numbness mostly, lack of heat sensitivities in my hands to the point of picking up pans out of the oven and having to hold them til I feel deep tissue heat. I do not notice cuts, burns, etc. I do randomly drop stuff even with minor CC below 20ppm I get more numbness and randomly drop stuff. I have with full on gluten food exposure twice in the past 5 years lost full motor control below the neck and collapsed. I have and the "floppy feet" thing.....last year it amusingly happened on the stairs and I rode them down on my back side...did not really make much of a link to it. I also have lack of heat sensitivity in my mouth. I had to get a EMBER temperature control mug and a thermometer for food....I do not feel food is "warm to eat" I have caught myself drinking beverages in excess of 170F and eating food at 180F and not noticing it was "Hot" but just warm.......I often have to remind myself to check temperatures as to not hurt myself. You might want to do some research into gluten ataxia, that is what I was told it is, I know my immune system attacks my brain and nervous system with gluten exposure. I used to get looping thoughts, forget how to do simple things and be stuck there looking at something knowing I should know how to work it....but cant. I suffered brain damage to the point where I can not calculate numbers, read other languages, and often now have this issue with stuff rearranging on me when reading sometimes, and have to step away. I lost my ability to do computer programing I even took 4 years of college for, I used to be able to speak Japanese and now sometimes even struggle with English.
  10. I still would not touch it....its bloody wheat and my body thinks the stuff is poison/foreign invaders. Corn..I have a bad corn allergy, gotten worse over the years...used to be only consumed forms...but I notice it reacts to skin contact now. I know corn syrup will give me a rash/itchy skin, happens with soda spills and secondary contact....On the other hand sometimes something with maltodextrin or modified food starch from corn has not triggered a reaction and some times does.
  11. https://celiac.org/celiac-disease/understanding-celiac-disease-2/diagnosing-celiac-disease/screening/ Dairy is a very common issue with celiac disease, the issue is with the enzyme to break it down damaged intestines/villi unable to work with it. I have been lactose intolerant for over a decade and even developed a whey allergy 3-4 years ago. Food sensitives are very common also, they sort of roll in and roll out some lasting weeks, some life. Keep a food diary, record what you eat and symptoms with times. Record how you cook food, season it, etc. There are other things that can come and go and can even be secondary conditions that develop. https://www.mindbodygreen.com/articles/are-food-sensitivities-for-life
  12. Retarted....The Kite Hill Ricotta is like $9 for 8oz. Their little thing of tuffle is the same, Miyoko Mozz is like $7.42 8oz last I checked. Leaf Cuisine is cheap at like $4 for a 8oz tub of the spread. I love it mixed up and thinned down into a almond milk sauce over stuff, or spread on Mikey english muffins or my own paleo breads. Daiya is pretty cheap, it honestly taste pretty bad raw and cold but great in cooked foods....but xantham gum, canola oils, various starches....you pay for it in the processed department lol. To be honest I often make my own cheese sauce...most good ones rely on blended nuts....again gets expensive. I invented what I call "Poor Mans Cheese" where I use coconut flour in them with a nut milk to thicken up.....honestly it is a bit gritty and you have to boil it to thicken and soften it stiring like crazy. But while not really dead on it does work..... I used to have some good recipes based off of a Indian restaurants baba ghanoush using egg plant....but some other guy says I plagiarized him and made us take it down.
  13. We normally suggest minimum gluten consumption for many that have symptoms to make it bearable, and they get by with 1/2 slice of bread a day or 1tsp vital wheat a day. If you want to push it like your doing maybe 2-4 tsp taken in 2 doses? I swear I should have done a binge fest before mine but I had gotten to the point of thinking I was dying with the neurological symptoms and pain. I was already gluten free and we just went with obvious reactions to gluten in the office.....and endoscope which still had damage back then.
  14. Refractory Celiac is one possibility, but I would say it is more likely he is getting gluten somewhere. Questions with possable reasons. Does he eat out at restaurants, probably getting CCed if yes. Is the house gluten free. If not then he is probably getting CCed in the house. Does he eat a ton of processed foods? In many cases celiac that eat lots or "Gluten Free" processed foods that contain traces of gluten can build up beyond the recommended safe gluten threshold for many celiacs. There was a study done on this by GFWD short time ago. For now transition to whole foods only diet, remove processed foods, and only eat at home. Cook in dedicated gluten free cookware, take extra precautions rinsing raw produce before cooking, using freezer paper for prep surfaces, perhaps liners for crock pots, and some cheap nordicware microwave cook ware to make sure the cooking implements are not glutened. I wish you luck in figuring it out. Of course it could also be peer pressure and eating gluten foods and lack of caution for daily life...How old is your son?
  15. As a chef I do question him not changing the whole restaurant to gluten free....how can you let stuff leave your kitchen as a head chef without tasting it? The job of a head chef is not just cooking the food but tasting it to make sure they are seasoned and cooked well, just a touch from anything and the base sauces to make sure they are done right. He does gluten free nights and made a gluten free menu.....I imagine he has the sou chef taste the non gluten free meals...but the whole shared kitchen etc.....I question how long he can put up with it and getting glutened before he changes to all gluten free, quits, or dies of complications. Just my personal experience but as a chef I can not work with gluten food and be happy, stress of getting glutened, the uncertainty of my dishes taste are huge set backs.