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  1. Ennis_TX

    Seed Malt

    I was having to find gluten free gochujang sauce awhile back and found this https://www.amazon.com/Gochujang-Korean-Chili...
  2. Depends on diet I did a coverage of me going trying to find good ones. Kept trying different ones til these newest ones...
  3. I have just started putting on weight in the past 2-3months. I was 5'11" and 127lb average for years. Over 5years gluten...
  4. Ennis_TX

    Bulking Finally

    After years of trying, I am actually seeing gains with bulking this time around I started intermittent fasting to give...
  5. UPDATE Protes Chips just reformulated to start using ground corn so it is no longer corn free. RealFoods Reformulated...
  6. Ennis_TX


    Yes it does, major things it effects are magnesium, vitamin D, iron, B-vitamins, vitamin C, vitamin K, etc. Damaged guts...
  7. Ennis_TX

    GI issues and living with other people

    This brings up a odd thing I noticed about food/drink temperature and bowel habits. It started with me replacing some...
  8. Figured I would start this thread, if you stop at a gas station give the name, road, town, and state. List foods you...
  9. We all have had a company we love reformulate to include something we can not have, not just gluten. For me, it was Protes...
  10. Ennis_TX


    Depends on form, magnesium citrate is the one that can give you D. While Magnesium Glycinate....never had it happen....
  11. Ennis_TX

    How Gluten-Free is Your Water?

    This is actually quite humorous, I got glutened last year at a convention at a hotel drinking from the water cooler....
  12. Ennis_TX

    Are Doritos Gluten-Free?

    If your still reacting there are "other" Options, I became allergic to corn soon after dia. and the dairy issues started...
  13. I might go on to suggest, a few simple things these are gluten free and corn free. And lower carb. Fried Onions, with...
  14. The Ripple Pea milk seems to be a bit rough textured, you can sort of distinguish the pea protein in it...taste is alright...