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  1. Just saw this recipe and it reminds me of my first days living on a budget gluten free, I did bacon and cabbage. Cooked the bacon in a pan, then saute chopped onions and crushed garlic in the oil threw in a chopped head of cabbage, fried it a bit, added in a cup or so of water and broth with the copped bacon back in covered and stewed til the cabbage was soft.....super cheap and easy.
  2. Collard Greens are a leafy green vegetable that is naturally gluten free, if you buy them fresh in the store they are gluten free. Canned and preseasoned ones are probably not.
  3. Ennis_TX

    July Update

    PS health updates and things I found out, well I got glutened by my pets foods, and my symptoms changed a bit, the numbness and motor loss is missing, the pain is missing, the vomiting is gone....but I do have Diarrhea 2-3 times a day, brain fog, and random times for for the damnedest reasons considered suicide when all felt lost. (I am taking GlidenX maybe that is why some are missing) What I have learned is I can eat meat with a gluten exposure...I do not vomit it up...it still passes undigested but it passes with out vomiting thanks to the diarrhea. I have been enjoying pulled pork, steak, beef, bacon for the first time without vomiting it back up for the first time since 2016 (Hey there is a light to everything) I must also note this is not direct gluten.....but gluten that is broken down by the insects I am handling now. I nima tested them (I know gross) but they are already dead and freeze dried and sort of turn to powder sometimes when handling. I .... sort of tried a meal worm......we used to do dares with them in highschool and face it they now make baked goods with cricket flour. ANYWAY, so that is how I first got glutened, using feeding tweezers since then when handling but still blowing D daily even 8 days later. I got a new quote on my food truck pricing of the truck is up 20k from what it was years ago. SO I need to get donations or a investor to donate roughly 100k for me to start the new business. This includes the truck, permits, fees, licenses, LLC set up, starting of the kitchen set up, a month of supplies, point of sale system, etc. I even got someone who will run the social media and paper work side for me now so I can just cook and run the truck....now for the investor lol.
  4. Order the American Lea and perkins on amazon?
  5. No like make a whole foods meal with unprocessed foods for your hamsters. Like salads and a bowl with say sunflower seeds, nuts, pumpkin seeds, gluten-free oats, buckwheat? Peices of dried or fresh fruit? You know a more natural diet. Look up what they would eat in the wild and build on that. There are other grains other then gluten ones you can feed them instead, and seeds/nuts are gluten free just make sure to get unsalted ones.
  6. Ennis_TX

    July Update

    July update, I am really pushing catering...I have to. Trouble at the market with a new baker is driving me mad, late onset gluten exposure + her new ideas....it had me suicidal at my purpose and reason for being alive being taken away. Frankly my Saturday sales....used to be $30-120 a saturday, she has come along and started offering "Gluten Free" and refined sugar free baked goods out of her gluten kitchen with, with warnings. And my saturday profits are in the hole with -$20 to a maximum of $26. Most my customers were Fad dieters. She is selling to them and is extremely charismatic, pushing her foods on people giving away samples of both gluten and gluten free foods....she is claiming 40 years experience and that her parents were pastry chefs. She is over qualified, she also sells arts and crafts, does music and instrument lessons, does cake decorating classes, cooking classes, she just moved here and took over. I was talking with her about sending her celiac customers to me since I can meet the medical gluten free needs (my sole purpose for being alive) and she says....that she has gotten new equipment for doing gluten free dedicated......I mention flour stays airborne for hours...and she says she will cook the gluten free on a different day...well yeah but that flour is going to settle on your gluten free cooking stuff......she is insisting she can do it......crap....I had a melt down when I got home. My issues.....My brain damage took away my dreams of doing computer programing, my nerve damage took away my love of games, and I can not work controls precise enough now to enjoy or compete on them. This works with cooking as I can cut myself and glue it shut, burn myself and keep going..... I have autism not much choice but this makes social interactions and promoting a business damn hard, talking to engaging people requires me to constantly tell myself to "look them in eye" "engage them" "try to find common ground" and constantly fight the urges to say what I want. I have to be alone a good part of the day and process things, go over things, and run scenarios in my head. I can not deal with people constantly. Cooking is all I have left, my dad told me that this disease is a guiding light to show me what to do with my life...I started baking to give myself purpose when I was previously running a bucket list. THIS IS MY LIFE. My only reason to be alive is to cook, bake, and help people on these forums. Other wise I am a burden to my family...they have to pay for my medical expenses and rent. HELL the only thing keeping me from stupid things is 1. I have a lizard that needs me to keep it. 2. My insurance on my life has a suicide clause in effect. 3. The forums where I am needed to help people. I took all my savings...even for my planned surgery to remove the infected abscess in my upper jaw...and used it to invest in catering pans, fuel, utensils etc......frack if the infection kills me at least life insurance will still pay out, I need a reason to live. I am lining up catering contracts with a church and my highschool class reunion.....hoping to get a investor for that food truck....hell might try asking on reddit lol. Life otherwise is quite uneventful and my mind is swamped with trying to fix these issues at hand....I can not think of anything else other then finding my purpose in life. I wrote up a letter explaining my situation for the other baker......I think I will email it to her...it was emotional and pointing out that despite her good intentions she is a very negative influence to my life and well being.....
  7. Anemia/Iron, B-vitamins, thyroid, vitamin D....I would say magnesium but that is hard to test by. These are the major causes that celiacs have for fatigue and most of us have to supplement for awhile or life. Iron requires vitamin C in combination to absorb. B-vitamins work synergistic together, so something like Liquid Health Stress & Energy. Magnesium depends on your bowels, Normal daily BMs then Doctors Best Powder, Constipation then Natural Vitality Calm dosed to tolerance. Liquid Health makes some vitamins D drops. Also make sure your eating a varied diet and keep a food diary, you could also have a intolerance, sensitivity, or a slight allergy to something and not know it. Rotate your diet taking some foods out for a few days....maybe something your eating is causing it and not gluten.
  8. On the constipation, Natural Vitality Calm, works with mood swings and some other anxiety issues, along with muscle cramps etc. Dose to tolerance, scale works best but start at 1/4tsp (1-2g) and each day up the dose that much til you get loose stools, then back it down a few grams. You will find your dosing might need to vary, working out, stress, etc. can cause your magnesium requirements to fluctuate. I at one point could take 18g and have hard stools still. I now take about 12g doses or less. Hormones...unsure, honestly I am taking test boosters trying to find something that works to promote gains. The mood swings I used to often link to foods I ate, like Asputame, or asuflame would turn me into Mr. Hyde then pit fall me into a emotional mess when I came off. Other foods would have similar issues. BUT I also found foods that worked to improve my mood, like pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds (mygerbs is the only safe one....trust me), cocoa nibs, healthy fats like fish, I also take B vitamin blends that really helped like Liquid health Stress & Energy and the Neurological Support one 1tbsp each 3 times a day. I sometimes use CBD oil in a vape pen when times get really rough (was life cornered today with my reason for being alive slowly taken away and straight up took a few drops under the tongue)
  9. Isn't zertec corn free? I found a syrup called Texas clear that is safe. Will add photos when I get home
  10. Ennis_TX

    Airborne gluten reactions

    Movie theater....not a place for airborne gluten unless yours had a bakery inside. Do you have a problem with corn? I am allergic to corn myself, and movie theaters always result in rashes, fever, racing heart, problems breathing etc. And yes mask are wonderful ,there is a company that makes pollution mask that work wonders in these kinds of situations. http://respro.com/store/product/techno-mask
  11. Just be careful the the food and avoid foods that would have a "dust". I found with my bearded dragon this vitamin powder contained gluten and I had to toss it and just keep him on a varied diet. Also found this meal worms contain gluten, and I bet the crickets do but I handle them with feeding tweezers. Always wash you hands, and if handling the foods I use food service gloves so I do not have to worry about any sticking in my nails, or to my skin. Is there such as a think as a whole foods hamster diet? Like buckwheat, gluten-free oats, veggies, fruit?
  12. Ennis_TX


    Amusingly not many issues with the diet as the Paleo diet it is based on is our natural diet.....Keto is still more natural then the carb diet most live on now days...our ancestors did not have fruit year around, and would not bother with grains in many climates or areas. It was meat, greens, nuts, etc. Rotate your greens, have small amounts of low sugar squash sometimes, snack on low carb berries sometimes once you get the sibo in check. Supplement vitamin C, AND Electrolytes, with this diet drink TONS of water ever hour or so have a glass. https://ketosummit.com/
  13. Celiac can develop at any time during your life, also the testing if NOT the full panel can miss it, on top of that some people do not show on the blood test but have damage show on the endoscope and biopsies. Other times they can miss the damage with biopsies as the surface area of the intestines is large then a tennis court. https://celiac.org/celiac-disease/understanding-celiac-disease-2/diagnosing-celiac-disease/screening/ You can try eating just a slice of bread a day, a few wheat thins, or 1-2 tsp of vital wheat gluten before bed to sleep off the worst of it. Read up on testing more if you wish. You could also be Non Celiac Gluten Sensitive, we have members with this, and there is no way to test it or confirm it other then diet. Some react more violently then celiacs but they lack the villi blunting associated with celiac, but can still get many of the same symptoms.
  14. Yes you have to be eating gluten for 8-12 weeks actually, at least once a day. Some find it easier to do by eating it before bed, Either a slice of bread, a few wheat thins, or a tsp or 2 of vital wheat gluten, https://celiac.org/celiac-disease/understanding-celiac-disease-2/diagnosing-celiac-disease/screening/ The rebound of worse symptoms is pretty standard with celiac, almost all of us get MUCH worse symptoms to even tiny amounts after going gluten free. Alternative ideas, the endoscope requires 2 weeks of gluten daily, and you can even get a "general idea" with a gene test. But 30% of the population have the gene but only 1% develop the disease. There have been a few rare cases of someone without the standard genes having the disease.
  15. I will sometimes ask what they are cooking and make my own version that is safe. Other times I will eat before hand. BUT my most preferred thing is actually being the host and cooking foods I know are safe and inviting others to come join me. I always keep emergency meal bars, nuts, seeds that are safe or a MRE meal when I head out. I do not trust anything not cooked in a 100% gluten free kitchen anymore, or even cut up....I have had knife contamination of Gluten free foods. Got to admit eating with my family this year and cooking with my mother is something I have been able to do again since I invite them over and get all the required gluten free foods for a meal.