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  1. Ennis_TX

    Breaking Teeth

    Welp.....with me it is one thing after another and my body....I was scraping my teeth on a almond and coconut Popsicle and one of the front incisors got hung and snapped in half. Dentist is closed I made a cap over the part still in my...
  2. "Odd time out" A single exposure can cause continuous damage for around 6 weeks til the antibodies come down. It took years to cause the damage and it will take years to heal. Some studies show it can take 2 years for the gut to heal completely...
  3. Ennis_TX

    Digestive Enzymes

    Thing I had to consider recently that you should review before getting digestive enzymes. My pancreas does not seem to work at all, and I had to break down my enzyme dosing by my food. Calculate your Carbs, Protein, and Fats. consider the...
  4. Ennis_TX

    November Update

    Bit late on this one, been busy with stuff and coming to terms with issues. First I have been dealing with and living with a almost daily Diarrhea and vomiting issue since my gluten exposure in July and again in August made it much worse...
  5. Ennis_TX

    Carb withdrawl?

    Three points Normally people go to rice, potatoes, buckwheat, sweet potatoes, and the starchy carb bombs of gluten free processed foods. Some even dare use lentils and quinoa for carbs. Bit less nutritious but some use even corn based...
  6. Ennis_TX

    Nightly Purge

    I do not think this is acute pancretitis as there is not pain, the pancreas just does not work seeminly. But you do have a point with the PPI and PH of the stomach hampering the enzyme functions. I will try rotating to doubling my randine...
  7. Next best are more expensive per test like EZ-Gluten https://www.ezgluten.com/shop.php Something I learned after buying the nima by accident. With the new capsules they can work without the sensor. Put in your sample screw down the...
  8. Cold Cereals like Cereal School, Julian Pro Granola, Nuco Coconut Crunch for healthy options, chex for carb loads. You can do hot Congee (overnight rice in a crock pot with a 1:6 or 1:8 ratio of dry rinsed rice to water or almond milk...
  9. Ennis_TX

    Nightly Purge

    I can get medicare in January for free to cover ER, no GI or normal doctors but I can get the free ER then. Lost a contract with a catering gig to another guy so I am just going to wing it til then. I should also be getting a financing and...
  10. Ennis_TX

    What is Celiac Disease and the Gluten-Free Diet?

    LOL Yeah they are the ONLY condiment I use, I also have a corn allergy, they are the only Paleo company that does not use corn starch, corn syrup or other things made from corn like citric acid or xantham gum. I wait til whole foods does...
  11. Fun list for you imagination https://www.oooflavors.com/pages/all-purpose-flavor-list Cookie fun https://www.oooflavors.com/collections/cookie-flavors Cereal Fun https://www.oooflavors.com/collections/cereal-flavors I have...
  12. I did want to bring up some hope for people here on what I found for my "Oatmeal" fix. Miracle Noodles makes a Konjac rice, rinse it, boil it, rinse again, then dry it out a bit in a hot skillet then boil in a bit of nut milk and thicken...
  13. Ennis_TX

    Nightly Purge

    Well another update and potential source for my issues the past 17 weeks. My pancreas, it has been iffy the past few years, last year it started requiring me to remove all sugars/carbs or risk spiking my glucose through the roof IE 2 forks...
  14. Vegan protein powders in shakes with nut butters, Stuff like HPN Powders for a good vitamin packed one without tons of added veggies/etc that you might have issues with. Pioneer Labs make a Celiac Meal replacement plant based you can down...
  15. There is dairy free feta from a violife and you can order it online, as to the Gyro meat...I am curious, I am in the food industry and always passed over the gyro meat. I will go check the restaurant supply store next time and check they...