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  1. The Gluten Free & Allergy Free Expo in Dallas Texas is happening again this year from October 27-28th 2018 This is a good place to go get free samples, try new products, get coupons, and stock on up somethings. They will also be doing health screening, have various clinics and allergy testing companies there, and have some classes and seminars from Doctors etc. https://gfafexpo.com/expos/dallas
  2. You can try to search a wider area for 100% gluten free places, I got lucky and found 2 places down in San Antonio when on vacation a few years back, then last year found a British style pub bit north of Dallas, which has completely a separate gluten free kitchen and the owner is a father to 2 celiac children. I am even starting my own 100% gluten free food truck and found a few other trucks from a group I joined that are owned by a celiac and 100% gluten free. Just something to look forward to, but for now best play it safe and eat at home from whole food ingredients cooked yourself. I wish you luck in getting over your issues....I am still playing the game of what to eat after a exposure from 4 weeks ago and my gut is still throwing hissy fits over things being to spicy or rough on it and D at least 2twice a day.
  3. For now keep eating gluten til all testing is done, you have to eat it daily for the testing to be accurate. After testing feel free to come back for interpretations of your test, and if you test positive the community here is great for helping people out and adjusting to the diet. https://celiac.org/celiac-disease/understanding-celiac-disease-2/diagnosing-celiac-disease/screening/ https://celiac.org/celiac-disease/understanding-celiac-disease-2/diagnosing-celiac-disease/diagnosis/ Digestive Enzymes can help break down food and help your body absorb it. https://www.celiac.com/forums/topic/119919-digestive-enzymes/ Supplementing for Magnesium, B-vitamins (full complex), Vitamin D, and some others often help at first.
  4. Nima, it is not perfect, fact the majority of my issues are with the device itself, it will often not give the strip enough time to develop and with some foods and items the device sees red developing strip as positive when it is not. Also in regards to testing non blended and cooked/layered items getting a sample from all possible ingredients is damn near impossible. Points where the Nima shines for me is as a cater/baker and someone who cooks all the time, when your receive a shipment of a ingredient...you blend and take a sample from the lot in bulk packages and check that. When testing, after test pull out the capsule and let it develop more and check for the lines. If I recall the first two lines show it is good and gluten free if a bottom 3rd line develops in anyway you have some kind of gluten in your sample. I have used it in a restaurant...and honestly I would not suggest it with anything sauced, or more then 1-2 ingredients. Fact I do not bother eating out much and this is not where I use it. For me the Nima has given me freedom to try new spices, flours, nuts for nut butters, sauces, etc. Things I would normally be apprehensive of. I have even used it to test supplements and medications. And the assurance that stuff I serve is gluten free. In the end it is just another tool in our arsenal to help us weed out what might make us sick, with this disease eating out is always Russian roulette. The peace of mind you get can be priceless with some aspects of it, and honestly anything to make this life easier is a blessing.
  5. B-vitamins are synergistic, you need to look at a spectrum version thought b6 and b12 are more strongly linked to anxiety. Magnesium can also be a issues for anxiety do look up deficiency symptoms as they are another big thing with celiacs Looking over some things anxiety suggest Magnesium, B-complex, vitamin C and lithium. PS I use Natural Vitality Calm Magnesium and Liquid Health Energy & Stress for this.
  6. I just make my own and freeze stock cubes in ice trays OR I use Jarrow Bone Broth Powders. They make a Beef, Chicken, Beef Ramen, and Chicken Curry Flavored powders, vitacost, wholefoods (on sale) and amazon are your best bets.
  7. See about starting a new thread as this one is pretty old. But addressing your issues, first get tested again, the disease can develop at any time if you have the gene. I think it was all first degree relatives should be tested every year? And you have to be eating gluten daily for the testing to be accurate. Second from personal experience of a recent gluten exposure the anxiety, depression etc. got worse on day 2-4 for me then weaned off. I find it seems to correlate with B-vitamins and magnesium as taking 2-3x the recommended dose helped. I ASSUME it has to do with less being absorbed during a exposure. But could also be related to higher antibodies, body being under attack and the resulting reactions causing panic fight/flight. Or like me some might have the issues with the immune system attacking the brain and nervous system causing with bouts of confusion and fog leading to it and in some cases bouts of anger.
  8. That 2 day window gluten free followed by 3 weeks on...you should be fine. Eating it in the evening before bed is something we often suggest so people can try to sleep off the worst of the discomfort and be semi functional during a gluten challenge. It can take months for your intestines to heal, sure the inflammation might go away a bit sooner but depending on how long the disease has been active and how strict you are some take up to 24 months to completely heal their villi. Eat like you are and it will be fine. Unless of course your the Wolverine and have super fast regeneration.
  9. Natural Vitality Calm Unflavored. It is a Magnesium Citrate powder and in large doses is a natural laxative. Many with celiac become magnesium deficient and constipation is one of the symptoms so 2 birds one stone. IT fizzes when mixed with warm liquid, due to the nature of her feeding I would mix it with liquid and let it sit for 3-6 hours so it does not cause bloat then load it. DO CONSULT with a doctor or a licensed nutritionist for this. I would say start off like 2g (1/4tsp) a day and slowly up it another 2g each day til she gets loose stools then back down 2g. This is called dosing to tolerance.
  10. The initial blood test is simple and just requires you to be eating gluten every day 1-2 slices of bread at least. Keep eating gluten daily til ALL test are done. After the full blood panel they they will need to do a endoscope and biopsy to confirm. Since you have UC also in the family might opt for both scopes to rule on UC or other AI of the large intestines as well. https://celiac.org/celiac-disease/understanding-celiac-disease-2/diagnosing-celiac-disease/screening/ https://celiac.org/celiac-disease/understanding-celiac-disease-2/diagnosing-celiac-disease/diagnosis/ Do note I had celiac first then later developed UC, no proof but I blame the UC as a secondary development. Diabetes also goes hand in hand with celiac. The muscle cramps, anxiety, and tingling are often a sign of Magnesium and or B-vitamin deficiency...and these do now show up well in test as everyone has different levels of normal for these. These are also common in celiac due to our damaged villi causing nutrient absorption issues." As to your iron...it could be, mine was celiac and bleeding from UC was often 2-9 range.
  11. They use the same packaging machines for gluten and veggie lines. I got glutened by their steam fresh broccolli a few years back when they first started doing the sauced gluten lines instead of just veggies. The told me they used the same machines back then to bag and run both lines just on different days and hose them down between runs. I have had luck with my local HEB frozen veggies, and pictsweet? I think was safe last time I tried them over a year ago. I honestly get great deals with local farmers at the markets, and also tend to stick to dehydrated veggies during winter months, reconstituting them in the boiling water of a stew/soup.
  12. By law in the US if they used Casein or milk they have to declare it. https://8exll2rwl8l1f2ayejq2l9yh-wpengine.netdna-ssl.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/Wienerschnitzel-Allergen-Data-7-1-18-nutrition.pdf PS I would not eat out at this kind of fast food restaurant with celiac pretty much the whole menu states gluten. Make your own at home, I do not know if they use wheat flour/starch in the dogs themselves but I would not risk it. Fact it even states their chili cheese fries have wheat makes me think it is in the chili and the CC risk is really high even if the dogs are gluten-free, the cooking surface is probably not.
  13. Old topic, but probably should read this snip it of info. "Xanthan Gum is a fermentation from the bacteria Xanthomonas Campestris. Before the 1950’s, this bacteria was best known for its ability to destroy crops of vegetables, namely broccoli and cauliflower. They called it “Black Rot” and for good reason. The slimy substance infected crops and had a thing for the cruciferous family. At one point, the Department of Agriculture had the idea to cultivate the substance in order to utilize it for something more practical. Now, the bacteria are grown in large vats using a variety of different foods to sustain that growth. The food chosen for the bacteria differs based on the manufacturer's needs or options. Xantham Gum requires sugar or starch to efficiently develop. This includes soy, corn, wheat, dairy, or sugar. Xanthan Gum can, therefore, be deemed gluten free because of the source, even including that which is grown on wheat because of one small technicality. Wheat starch. Wheat starch is the sugar of wheat, in a sense, and is technically gluten-free. After the bacteria is grown to maturity, it is heated up to kill the bacteria, dried and ground to become a powder, then added to your food and also your wallpaper glue, paint, and ink." I have reactions to xantham gum from corn sources with vomiting and delayed fever (allergic)...never purposely nor knowingly tried a wheat base. I have tried xantham gum grown on a beet substrate and not had any reactions, but still try to avoid it. Contact the manufactures to figure out what they grown it on, you could get to the bottom of another food sensitivity or allergy, OR it could be a issue with the aformentioned "black rot" nature of the bacteria which some people have a horrible reaction to.
  14. Ennis_TX

    Celiac Journey

    I get aches randomly a few days later...normally shoulders, lower back, legs. But this used to my "Normal"...I am a bit numb to pain due to nerve damage, so I only notice a dull deep bruised feeling, and trouble moving said muscles. Unsure if inflamation, magnesium or other vitamin/mineral deficiencies. BTW eating out is something most of us avoid, 100% gluten free places are your best bet, other places choose stuff that would be hard to gluten....rice and beans, and tortillas are easy to get glutened. Beans can have CC, Mexican rice if in a hurry they will add flour to thicken it faster, and tortillas...can either be skillet/tortilla skillet heated or used one of those warmers. If they heated it up on a skillet or griddle...they probably use the same one for flour as corn. (if it was a bit hard dry, or browned this was the case, soft, moist and hot the used a warmer and a microwave. Call it paranoid but I grew up in a Mexican family.
  15. Bit of info I was given a good sale on Cascade Complete dish tabs and tried them out...DO NOT use them with silicone molds or bakeware. I got the flavor of dish soap stuck in them for days. Company claims this can happen with porous items like, crystal, cast iron, and some silicone molds. Trick to getting rid of the flavor soak in hot baking soda water over night then 350F in the oven for over a hour rinsing under running water between steps and repeat...if you can lick it and not taste the soap your safe. Dear lord I ruined a bunch of things from freezing expensive stock cubes and making vegan cheese to baked goods this week cause of this upset...and they only offered me $5 coupon for more soap when I complained.