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  1. Julians Bakery makes a grain free paleo bread get the sampler back straight from the bakery...DO NOT order from anywhere else IE amazon, local stores. But fresh from the bakery. They also have pancake and waffle mixes. I myself run a small...
  2. Ennis_TX

    Digestive Enzyme

    I react badly to xantham gum derived from corn products, and citric acid in the same way. I found a few safe ones that did not make me sick (find they are made on beets or other medium) but still avoid them. I love the article Califlour...
  3. 1-2 slices of bread a day for 2 weeks, some get by with a few tsp of vital wheat gluten a day. You can try eating at night and sleeping off the worst of it.
  4. Ennis_TX

    Recent life

    So few more life hacking, cooking, food, and health updates. 1. My diarrhea for the past 6 months stopped, no changes in diet or medications it just tapered off and is solid again, still a bit oily from pancreas issues but solid. I assume...
  5. Ennis_TX

    Sick after decorating

    Yeah I would toss the vacuum, have the house air system cleaned, and like mentioned have the upultry cleaned. Also see about cleaning all your stuff in your kitchen, that dust probably settled lightly all in the house. Go at it like...
  6. Ennis_TX

    Severe Fatigue Ruining Life

    The fatigue was bad for me in highschool, several other things raise issues. As mentioned keep eating gluten and make sure to get the full blood test to rule out celiac. Few things to help in the mean time, if it is gut related, as in...
  7. I was going to make hamburger Salad but recalled a mini burger receipe from a cook book I got from ketosummit. Modified slightly and made 2 regular size buns in 2 cup glass dishes. I have their permission to repost this. Today is also National...
  8. Yeah, the pin and needles was a big turn around sign years ago it would get really bad at points to almost like a hot burning needles being shoved into my body in moving waves. IT later progressed to other issues like looping broken record...
  9. Ennis_TX

    December 2018

    No real sales or income past few weeks, I did get a few early gifts. Dad got me a new bed set, OK this might not sound like much BUT I have been using the same blanket, sheets, etc for the past 10 years. ONE set. I just wash...
  10. Magnesium Citirate (Calm from Natural Vitality) for constipation, start with a scale and 2g (1/4tsp) up it 2g a day til you get loose stools then back it down 2 grams. It helps keep liquid in your stools and too much can act as a laxative...
  11. Yeah big FDA thing still about the oat sorting....but when they use a machine to sort wheat out from oats....those oats are still CCed in my opinion. The method that they use for testing this boxes has been a hot debate for years and Gluten...
  12. Ennis_TX

    "Skeptical" doctors?

    LOL I learned about keto from someone else that suffers from Ulcerative Colitis and how it helped, I found back then my UC was flaring to carbs/sugars and adopted a modified keto/atkins diet and it fixed many other issues. Again I modified...
  13. Love this "Mustard"....yeah that is gluten free pretty sure they mean "Rye" Concept of Gluten Free diet and weight loss, it works but only if you avoid the Processed gluten free food. FACT most gluten free alternatives try to replicate...
  14. Ennis_TX

    Cooking in other people's kitchens

    The Trovolo Smaller one, the hard eggish shaped side can be used to cut into stuff and scrape, the cuppish side is good for scraping the edges of bowls, mixing stuff, folding dough, and scrapping the bottom of dishes, they pair will with...
  15. Found a way to make low carb and dairy free green bean casserole. As a kid I only really ate the French onions on top so I loaded a whole special batch of them on my casserole. Start by making my French fried onions from the other post but...