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  1. Food not too appealing today, so I am having a Wendy's vanilla frosty! Putting a chuck roast in the crock pot for tomorrow. I am allergic to cooking on Sunday. Actually, between church and having to travel an hour each way, and then another meeting in town at 4:00, I don't have the time. Our church...
  2. thank you Laura..I hope everything continues to go well for you, man girl you have your hurdles..I am going to add you to my prayer list if that is ok with you!
  3. Laura, I noticed you mentioned IVIG. I am new to this Celiac forum so there is much I do not know about this disease. I hope I am not being too personal but is the IVIG ever used for Celiac or is this another disorder. I also have ITP and my hematologist has suggested that IVIG may be in my future...
  4. as a new Celiac can you tell me what are the "obvious gluten containing ingredients"? Or can you refer me to a web site that will be helpful in finding them. This is frustrating!
  5. what a great idea! I am having chicken,brown rice pasta and squash. Is Tj's like Fresh Market?