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  1. Yes i do only drink diet pepsi. i would say closer to 11 or 12 cans aday. give or take from one day to the next. water is gross. i've been doing this since i left the house at 18. not the best but it works. i really am not too concerned with everyone being gluten free. like i said i only eat a handful...
  2. Ok guys i need a wide egg noodle recipe. I also need a dumplings recipe. Has anyone found wide egg noodles that are premade? TIA
  3. Thanks for the replies. I don't eat bread of any kind (bagels, bread etc) i can't stand the smell texture. its been a good 10 years since i have toast, bread etc. I do have several shelves that are gluten free. I have my own dishes, pans, silverware, mixing bowls, mixer etc . i only use paper towels...
  4. Hi everyone I'm new to the group. I 39 years old and have 4 kiddos. 2 of them are a set of biological twins *boys) and 2 little girls who we adopted through foster care. We also do foster care so basically have 5 kiddos even 6 at times. I got diagnosed with celiac about 2 years ago. It started shortly...