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  1. Hey! Nice to e-meet you. That's a good idea on the meetup groups. Are you in Seattle proper or in the surrounding area?
  2. Bumping this, I'm 24 and live in Seattle in case anyone else is out here
  3. In some ways it is a traumatic event. Celiac can totally change the trajectory of your social/personal life, without your consent. I've found the best thing for me to do is focus 110% on my life goals as it helps to propel me forward
  4. Has anyone found a good way to meet other people with Celiac? The hardest part for me about Celiac is some of the loneliness that accompanies it. Although many friends and partners may be accommodating, nobody except for another Celiac will truly understand the nuances of life that we live. ...
  5. Hi Lacey, I sympathize with your situation, as I myself have long struggled with finding the right foods to eat. Even eating extremely clean foods like brown rice and chicken upset my system. However, I eventually did find something that works: raw foods, in their natural state. Primarily based...
  6. I can definitely relate to how you feel. I've never met anyone my own age (or any age!) who has celiac. I'm pretty fortunate though because my girlfriend is very understanding, and won't even touch anything with gluten. I'm 20 btw, working as an intern at 2 different places this summer and it's been...