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  1. Thanks for your advice everyone! I had my follow up with the GI doc. He said I have "mild celiacs disease" & he said I can quit eating "wheat" or continue and get follow up bloodwork in a year and see how I feel. Ha! So he gave me the option to go ahead and eat it until I am really sick!! Wow...I am glad I am more educated than the doc on celiacs. Thank goodness my daughter had a good GI doc. It's scary how uneducated some docs are about celiacs disease.

  2. I received my pathology report. The bloodwork is in my topic post. I assume this means I don't have celiacs disease??? Any opinions?

    1. jejunum biopsy: increased infra epithelial lymphocytes. Normal villus architecture; however, up to 35 intraepithelial lymphocytes per 100 surface epithelial cells are identified. Suggestive of Marsh score 1 lesion (laten gluten sensitive estero patchy); however, in itself this is nonspecific finding and may be seen in several conditions including h.pylor gastritis, bacterial intestinal overgrowth, certain autoimmune states, infectious etiologies and NSAID use. For this reason, clinical and serologic correlation are necessary for full interpretation.

    2. Gastric Antrum biopsy: mild chronic antral gastritis, inactive. No intestinal meta plastic, dysplasia, heliobacter or fungal organisms.

    3. Lower esophagus biopsy: benign squamous mucosa showing mild active esophagitis.

    - less than 5 eosinophils are identified per high power field, largely excluding involvement by an eosinophilia esophagitis.

    - no glandular mucosa, intestinal meta plasma, dysplasia or fungal organisms identified

    Any thoughts on if you think I can rule out celiac disease or maybe this is very early stage celiac? I am gluten free now because of my concern with cross contamination of my celiac 1.5 yr old. Since I am gluten free, it won't help to retest in a year. I still don't understand why the doc wrote on his report that it is possibly a wheat allergy. My appointment is next week so I will have to see what he says.

  3. Did they give you the whole pathology report?  This is odd for a pathology report. Celiac isn't an allergy and a wheat allergy wouldn't leave damage in the small intestine.  I am wondering if that is just what your docotor wrote on a report he gave you?  I would ask for the whole pathology report.

    I guess these are his reports on the biopsy results. Would the doctors office be able to fax me my detailed biopsy results?

    I have no idea why he thinks it may be a wheat allergy....I thought a wheat allergy wouldn't elevate my bloodwork and wouldn't be visually seen on a biopsy?

  4. My daughter was recently very sick and then diagnosed with celiac disease by blood tests and endoscopy. The doctor did blood work on my husband and I. My bloodwork was elevated so I proceeded with the biopsy. I am now confused by the results... I do not have any severe GI symptoms. I have always had acid reflux and as a child my stomach always hurt off and on due to the acid. I have fatigue, headaches, and depression...but I guess I attribute those symptoms to being a tired mom. Over the past 6 years I have had a blistering rash that was undiagnosed by 2 dermatologist. Currently, I don't actively have the rash so could not biopsy it. I think I don't have celiacs according to the results.

    Here they are:

    tTG AB, IgA = 30. (Normal <4)

    tTG AB IgG = 2 normal (normal <6)

    HLA positive for DQ2

    Immunoglobulin A (IgA) in range at 177 (normal 81-463)


    Biopsy showed mild suspicion for wheat allergies

    Small hiatal hernia & esophagitis from acid reflux.

    The biopsy results showing wheat allergy really confuses me. What do they see on a biopsy to think I have a wheat allergy?? I guess that means I shouldn't eat wheat but won't kill me to eat it as it does a person with celiac disease.

    Thanks for any input!