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    I really love baking (but I am finding it a little hard after finding out i was celiac x
    I love doing my blog which if you would like to check it out is sophiegoodswin.blogspot.com
    My youtube channels (which I have two) are my main channel www.youtube.com/xxxsophiegoodswinxxx and my vlog channel is www.youtube.com/sophiegoodswin
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  1. Hello everyone, So around Christmas time I love to have Onion Chutneys, pickles etc. So I was wondering if anyone had a Sweet onion chutney recipe, or a brand they think will be great Thanks in advance. Sophie xx
  2. Thank you for everyone who has replied to me. I have brought a few gluten-free cook books (4 of them) and their is things about different flours etc. SO I hope that this might help me out. xx
  3. I would use such things but I am allergic to all nuts as well x
  4. I am using gluten-free, Plain flour, gluten-free self rasing flour, Depending on what the recipe calls for. I have tried to make sponge cakes, brownies, cookies etc.
  5. Hello, everyone my name is Sophie and this is the first time in posting anything as I only found this amazing and wonderful site today. I have a problem. I have loved baking ever since I was a children and it always brings me joy, But lately ever since I have had to turn to free from things such as gluten-free Flour, xanthan gum, Soy Milk etc. etc. I have found my baking has just been failing and not working half the time. Either the bake with fall flat, not rise, won't cook right. there's always something that goes wrong. When I was doing normal cooking without any allergies It was all going fine, but now not so much Does anyone have any tips of what might be going wrong or any tips for celiac, nut free, dairy free baking. Thanks SophieGoodswin xx
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