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  1. Thanks, Ed. I saw the neurologist and she suspects that low iron may be the cause and is running an iron panel. It does get discouraging when I eat healthy, exercise and take vitamins and still have issues that don't seem to improve, but I try and be grateful for the days I feel good :-) Neurologist said it is possibly restless leg syndrome, but still arranged for nerve conduction study. Still waiting on that appt. I still don't understand how that could explain tingling in hands though. Hopefully iron panel might reveal answers. Also found out my vitamin D was on the low side (I thought it was ok)

  2. Thank you all :) Yes icelandgirl, Just thinking about having to see another doctor gives me anxiety too. My mother has 4 AI diseases (lupus, AI hepatitis, sjogrens and hashi) so I am always worried about heading down the same path. I swear she has celiac too but she refuses to even try going gluten-free to see if she improves, and her health continues to decline. Thanks ravenwoodglass, I have appt with my chiropractor Friday for an alignment. I hunch over a computer all day so maybe it could be a pinched nerve. I hope!

  3. Hi all,

    I was diagnosed with celiac about ten years ago through biopsy and blood test. About 5 years after going gluten-free, I started having neurological symptoms (tingling, cool like numbness in my hands). It was during a stressful time in my life. I went to a neurologist and she did an eval to check my reflexes, balance etc and it was fine. I increased my B12 and it went away. Now, It returned and much worse. It's mostly at night and I wake up with numb, tingling hands and feet and patches on my legs. I'm really scared and started researching on here and it seems to be common. Has anyone else has this happen after being gluten-free for so long? I know it's not CC because my GI just ran a battery of tests to see if I was still inadvertently being exposed and all came back negative. I have another appointment with neurologist for the nerve conduction study.

  4. I finally got my biopsy results back. My doctor kept rescheduling my appointment.. He said the biopsies came back negative for barrett's, but I have hiatal hernia, gastritis and esophagitis. On the report he gave me after endoscopy, it says 'irregular SC junction indicates barrett's esophagus'. I only have to take ppis for 4-6 weeks. I bought a wedge pillow too and that helped. I really would like to manage this without the ppis. I find Gaviscon helps with the throat irritation, which I thought was allergy related all this time.

  5. I have a hiatal hernia as well and I think the reflux is a result of that rather than too much acid. I've tried 3 different PPIs and they all make me feel awful (everything from really sore muscles to jaw and throat pain, to extreme dizziness and feeling of fullness after eating only couple bites of food). I'm on Nexium now and that isn't as bad for me as protonix or omeprazole. I'm starting to wean off now because they're just making me feel much worse, not better. I've been trying to manage it through diet and portion control now. Also Taking aloe, honey and DGL. Hopefully that will help. Thanks for responding

  6. Thanks for responding. I just started seeing this GI. My other GI diagnosed me with gastritis and hiatal hernia. I'm waiting on biopsies from New doc but he told me I must take PPI, which oddly enough make me feel worse. He's also testing for h pylori and addtl food allergies We don't eat a lot of spicy food; mostly fish, chicken, steamed veggies. I'm hoping everything will be ok now that I'm taking PPI.

  7. Hi all,

    I was recently diagnosed with barrett's esophagus. I'm wondering if anyone out there has this and celiac that can calm my nerves? Everytime I've googled it, cancer comes up and I'm having panic attacks. . I've been gluten free for several years after a celiac diagnosis. I'm also lactose, soy, corn free. I'm so surprised by this new diagnosis as I rarely have reflux or heartburn.

  8. I take methalated sublingual b12 too and that helped with my nerve problems. I had bad neuropathy. I also got gastroenteritis from eating out, and only started feeling better after a combination of antibiotics and supplements that my naturopath put me on (igG, DGL, glutamine, aloe, probiotics). I don't think most primary care physicians know enough about celiac to be helpful, At least in my experience, which is why I wound up seeking alternative medicine

  9. I am in a haunted house for Halloween every year for the boy scouts. They hand out candy to all the kids. I would like to have some SAFE gluten-free candy to hand out to kids with celiac. Does anyone know of gluten-free candy that is certified gluten-free or at least safe to handout to celiacs? I'm getting overwhelmed looking up allergen statements from candy companies. .

  10. Has anyone out there with celiac disease had shiga toxin e coli? I was so sick for almost a year. Doctors kept telling me IBS, as I knew it wasn't cross contamination. I finally went to natural medicine doctor who ran stool test and found out I'm positive for shiga toxin. The health dept had to be notified and everything. My question is, how do you recover? I feel like my immune system is too weak to fight it off. My doctor prescribed cipro, which after researching, it sounds like it makes it worse. My naturopath has me on IgG and super strain probiotic. I feel slightly better, but not much. Can anyone help?! I'm at wits end..

  11. I tried the SCD diet and it didn't really work for me. I have the same exact symptoms you have. The bloating is the worst. I only started feeling better after trying the paleo fodmap diet, like Havanese suggested. And believe me, my house is scrubbed of gluten from shampoo, to makeup, lotions, and all food so no cc. You would eliminate high fodmap foods completely for about a month, then introduce one new food from each category every 4 days to see your reaction.


  12. I use afterglow makeup. It's certified gluten free and vegan.http://www.afterglowcosmetics.com/rh1/vegetarian-cosmetics.asp

    I also use keeki chapstick, which is gluten-free and vegan


    For shampoo, try Andalou naturals, which is also gluten-free and vegan. I order from vitacost online. Not sure about salons.

    Honeybee Gardens is good too. I order from Abe's Market online.

  13. It might be the corn. I have problems with it sometimes, especially GMO corn. Check this out.http://celiacdisease.about.com/b/2013/04/16/study-finds-some-evidence-for-corn-cross-reactivity-in-celiac-disease.htm

    Or maybe additional intolerances like rice or fructose. I had to go on a low fodmap diet because I was having same issues. Everything I ate was gluten-free but I was still sick and ultrasound showed nothing.