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  1. Does it have to be a biopsy or can it be a skin scraping? How do I convince the derm to do a biopsy? I'm sure they will just want to do a scraping

    It's your daughter & I would not take no for an answer when requesting a biopsy. I know when we were going thru dr after dr we started thinking that it was best to start cutting out gluten free foods but didn't even think that that would affect the test results! lol It was such a new world to us. The tests they did were very quick but it took almost a month to get the results back. Good luck with finding out what this is. I know it can be frustrating and I can't even imagine what it's like for a child! All the best :)

  2. Make sure they do the biopsy on CLEAR skin right next to an ACTIVE lesion. If they biopsy the lesion itself it will turn out false negative. And if the lesion is not active it won't do any good either. Read as much as you can on the DH section for more info.

    When we went & saw the dermatologist I was sure that they did a biopsy of the lesion? I could be wrong but he had so many water blister like 'bubbles' on his arm & I am sure that's what she cut out.

  3. We went thru the exact same thing with my boyfriend. 4 years of rashes off & on & NUMEROUS Dr's & no one knew what it was!!! Finally, after a years waiting list to get into a dermatologist, they did a biopsy of the rash & more blood work & came to find out he was celiac & it was Dh. His rash was mainly of his arms (around the elbows), his knees & all over his bum! It was so frustrating not knowing what it was but since he's been diagnosed & we've been following a strict gluten free diet, it has cleared up considerably. good luck at the dermatologist. Make sure you get them to do a biopsy!!