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  1. I only had the TSH test- is there another one out there to ask for? I haven't ever been tested for Hashimotos. What is ferritin anyways? My blood work says I'm at a 13 but it wasn't flagged because it says normal is anywhere from 10-200. I'll keep working on my parents about going gluten free within our house. At this point, I think my doctor thinks I'm crazy I've been there so many times. But hey- most of the results were from October 2014 so maybe it's time to redo them? Thanks for the hug- I needed it
  2. Thanks for the replies. I have been eating gluten free dairy free for over three months now. I understand it often takes longer than that to heal, but things feel like they are getting worse instead of better. The symptoms I have listed are new (except the anxiety/depression is increased but not new). I have not been exposed to any toxins- i work at a very clean office setting. I do share a kitchen with my parents who are not gluten free. Perhaps that's the issue. I have asked numerous times to switch over our household and my parents hate the idea. My mom is slightly more open to it than my dad though. (I don't have any siblings) I'll try asking again.
  3. The reality is, I don't feel well, and I need some suggestions as to what sort of doctor I should see next// any other suggestions. Here is the list of symptoms I have: (I am twenty years old and I am female) -Panic attacks -Fatigue -depression/anxiety INCREASED -difficulty walking up stairs (recently I also fell while going up the stairs, but typically it's just heart palpitations and out of breath when doing stairs) -body goes numb when jogging even if I only jog for thirty seconds -no appetite (have lost fifteen pounds and I wasn't overweight before) -pain in my legs when walking around occasionally (it shoots down the entire leg, sometimes both legs) -two instances in the past month of a new rash showing up on my thighs and then disappearing Diagnosis I already have: (and because of celiac disease I am gluten free dairy free) Celiac disease Autism Tests I have already had within the last year which ALL came back NORMAL: Nuclear stress test Echocardiagram of my heart thyroid levels vitamin levels CBC (complete blood count) Amylase/ lipase levels Please help me get to the root of these issues. I'm happy to answer any questions if additional information would be helpful.
  4. Confirmed: I have celiac disease

  5. I knew it wasn't just my autism. I knew it wasn't just depression. I knew it wasn't just anxiety. I know my body. it's been just under two years of searching and waiting and testing... and finally, I have a diagnosis. After all that effort, yes, I do have celiac disease. *throws confetti* It's not all in my head!
  6. There have been many times that I have continued to call, but no one has given me a clear answer because they said they want to have more than one person look it over since "my presentation is unique". Basically I'm still waiting. In the mean time I have been gluten free and I feel great 80% of the time but then a stomach ache will roll in like clouds before a storm. Thank you for asking though- that means a lot to me
  7. They may have told me, but I was kind of out of it after I woke up from the procedure, so I'm unsure. I do have some weird pictures of my insides that they gave me, but that's it. This Tuesday I should be able to view everything online, according to Patient Gateway.
  8. Thank you for asking- it went ok. But then the nurse called a week later and said that they need another week or two to have a few more people look at the biopsies before they decide on a final diagnosis. Grr I'm trying to be patient but it's difficult!
  9. I wish you the best of luck- know that you are not the only one going through this process. This forum is quite kind to people who worry because they don't tell us that it's all in our head.
  10. Although I'm aware that I'll need to go gluten free either way, I'm hoping for the results of the endoscopy to be more straightforward this time. Thankfully, I do not have the same doctor as last time. I'm currently in a train with a zillion people, feeling squished but empowered by the idea that this forum exists and people are so supportive and helpful. I also recently attended a meeting from New England Celiac Organization- the people are so friendly and knowledgeable there.
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    I'm located in Massachusetts and there's at least three feet of snow on the ground. Trains into Boston have been a mess- delays all over the place. Getting another few inches tomorrow and perhaps another snowstorm on Sunday evening. Eek!
  12. Endoscopy scheduled in two weeks :)

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    Chilling On A Rainy Day.

    I love to sing, read, write poetry, and practice yoga. All are possible on rainy days.
  14. I've had to do (in various combinations throughout the past 22 months: Miralax Dulcolax Exlax Fibercon Suppositories ...and I still haven't gotten an x-ray that has told me I"m all clear. Yet. HOWEVER: Yoga has helped me quite a bit with getting things moving. Massaging my belly sometimes works. Eating breakfast helps me "go" earlier in the morning. Try to relax your muscles while sitting on the toilet Sit on the toilet for at least ten minutes because sometimes that tenth minute actually makes all the difference I love dried apricots- so tasty Fresh plums are yummy too (I tested positive for celiac disease blood test and I have my endoscopy in two weeks)
  15. IMPORTANT: I trust my doctor, I am willing to answer questions, but I want you all to know that where I am in the process of getting a diagnosis requires me to have an endoscopy- a positive blood test in my situation does NOT give me all of the information the doctors need. With that being said, here's my story... This past Friday was the end of my eight week gluten challenge, a blood test, and another day in the land of waiting around for a specific diagnosis. I am here to tell you that I am sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, but only one biopsy was taken at my endoscopy in the summer, so I get to repeat the process of another endoscopy on February 19th, 2015. However, there are a couple pieces of GOOD NEWS that I want to share with all of you. 1. I got my blood test results today and there is no question about it- I tested positive just like before. Why is this good news, might you ask? I was told that if the test wasn't positive "enough", I'd have to keep eating gluten until I returned to being positive so that I could have my endoscopy. Before, I had been five months gluten free, so the last eight weeks were awful physically, emotionally, mentally, and even socially. So I'm so happy to be headed towards an actual label of a diagnosis that I can DO something with to feel better. 2. I did NOT end up in the Emergency Room YAYYY . ( There were several panic attacks, many bouts of stomach pain/problems, and my depression/anxiety skyrocketed during the eight weeks, fatigue was over the top, and this will continue to be the way it is until after the endoscopy because I MUST eat gluten to get an accurate biopsy/sample, but I'm just SOOO happy to have made it this far! ) 3. I am my own advocate for my health. It was April of 2013 that things first went haywire, but I will not give in or give up until I feel better and get a diagnosis! Thank you for reading. Feel free to comment here or instant message me if you do not feel comfortable with posting to the public forum. I invite anyone and everyone to ask questions, partially because I enthusiastic about helping others in any way I can, but also because I need to pass the time until my endoscopy Good luck to everyone on their own individual journeys~ Val