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  1. Can you get Chebe crust mixes there? They are a tapioca based bread mix. You can use any of the breadstick, focaccia, or pizza dough mixes for a nice pizza crust. they call for cheese in the crust, but are good without. I pre- bake them to almost cooked before topping for pizza.


    No :(  I can get Bob's Red Mill mixes and a couple others. I was just excited to find recipes with such good reviews.

  2. Like... that expandex stuff? Yeah, that crap is expensive! I still haven't bitten the bullet and tried any recipes with it because holy crap! I just find recipes that use regular tapioca starch or other types of recipes. I keep almost caving then finding perfectly good looking recipes for the same things that won't cost me 1/4 of a week's grocery budget to just to order one ingredient. From all I've read, there is not a substitute. Regular tapioca starch is most certainly not the same thing and will not produce decent results, which is why I just find recipes that call for reasonably priced ingredients.


    Do you happen to have a really good bread or pizza dough recipe that doesn't call for it? I'm really not looking forward to lots of experimenting and throwing out a lot of non-edible failures :(