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  1. LOL, Not too much TMI at all !!! That's why we are all here!!!! I too, have the exact same problem. Its good to know that according to you all, I'm 'normal'.  I was only diagnosed 2 weeks ago so I look forward to being "consistent" !!! (and healthy!!) I am severely anemic (which is how we found out that I had Celiac Disease) and need to take iron supplements but it gives me horrible liquid diarrhea!!!(TMI???)  I was taking ferrous gluconate as its only 35mg, and supposedly easier on the digestive system, but now the doctor has me taking ferrous sulfate, which is 60mg......time will tell. Anyone else anemic?? What are you supplementing with?? Let's get our poop in a group!!! heehee from Canada.  

  2. I don't know if they will. I can suggest one I guess but perhaps they're satisfied with the blood tests. I tested positive for all three blood tests. He will give me the results from the lab next week. I was to eat gluten for a week and be tested again, the results were all positive with high numbers, whatever that means. There were low to moderate and moderate to high. I was at the high level of moderate to high. I will learn it all, and what it all means, but it'll take some time. Thanks!!! :)

  3. I have recently passed out, in a restaurant no less, and in a different country, for the first time ever! I have been having dizzy spells for 5-6  months prior to being diagnosed with Celiac Disease last Friday. (I have two co-workers with the Vertigo virus and have suffered and missed a lot of time from work for the past year!!)  I too, wondered if these symptoms are/were related. I still have dizzy spells and feel drunk at times. I know I stumble when I walk as people have noticed, even when I think I'm not and feel fine. My spells come on very suddenly and will last a few hours or all day and night. I can carry on with my day but am uncomfortable driving a car feeling this way. I  had a CT scan 2 months ago, with negative results. I have had very low blood pressure my whole life and will now watch carefully how I feel now that I am strictly OFF gluten!!! I hope your symptoms don't last too long without knowing what the triggers them! Good Luck, from Ontario, Canada.  

  4. Hi Becky. I am 44 years old. I just joined this forum today and am looking for lots of info too as I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease just last Friday. I was somewhat overwhelmed with my results and didn't get all of my levels written down, but I know they were all very high and I have tested positive for all, sadly. My one level was at 60 where as the normal range for antibodies is 1.0 to 1.7. I don't even know what it means but I am supposed to have my levels tested again and have a biopsy done to see how bad the damage is. From that very afternoon, I haven't ingested any gluten!! I have also chosen to go 100% dairy free as I do have severe issues with dairy as it is. It's so very confusing and my doctor told me to only join forums and websites for Celiacs, not those whom "choose" to be Gluten free as to not be confused with "lifestyle" over "life". We will fight this together, girl. All the best, from Ontario, Canada.