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  1. I just wanted some other opinions about some testing I have had done, about a year ago I had blood tests which showed low IgA but positive IgG for celiac, I then had a biopsy which was negative but I went on the gluten free diet anyways (after all testing was complete). About 6 months after going gluten free I had to follow up with a hematologist about the  low IgA and elevated IgG. After 6 months gluten fee and follow up blood tests my IgG had returned to normal, but my IgA was still very low and he diagnosed me with IgA deficiency. I have been gluten free for about 8 months now and I feel amazing, much better than I have felt in years, no diarrhea, no headaches, I am significantly less fatigued, i used to nap every day and now I almost never need a nap, I am no longer losing weight and I have not had GERD since changing my diet, which was a weekly occurrence before. So basically the blood tests were positive for celiac, and from my understanding IgA deficiency is far more common in those with celiac than those without, and I have definitely responded well to the diet, the only thing that was negative was the biopsy. Is it possible that the Biopsy was a false negative? Has anyone here been diagnosed despite a negative biopsy, or is this just a gluten sensitivity? My gastro seems convinced it is not celiac and called it IBS and said that the IgA deficiency could be a root cause of food sensitivities. Thank you all for your input and advice!

  2. Yeah I will definitely give it some more time, thanks for the advice. I just figured that because the endoscopy was negative that things would improve quickly if it was only an intolerance to gluten as the test ruled out celiac. And I have also eliminated dairy. I have been lactose intolerant for years but have become significantly more sensitive to all forms of dairy in the past year.  

  3. Biopsies from endoscopy/colonoscopy all came back negative, just some mild gastritis, so now what? He said to stick with the gluten free dairy free diet, which I have been doing for a week now and my headaches have gone away, but none of my other symptoms have improved at all. So now I don't know what to do from here. Everything was negative so if its not celiac and its caused by gluten shouldn't I be feeling better by now? If anyone could help me out here that would be great because now I have no idea what the cause could be and my doctor didn't say anything other than to follow Gluten free  while longer and follow up at an appointment in 2 months. Sorry for rambling I am just a little frustrated now, thinking that I would have at least had an answer after a the colonoscopy/endoscopy. Thanks for listening again.

  4. Just finished my endoscopy a few hours ago, doctor said that he noticed irritation to the lining of my stomach but not my small intestine, he advised me to start a gluten free diet and is waiting for results for the biopsies (4 from the stomach, 4 from the small intestines), is it normal to have irritation to my stomach lining and not actually in the small intestine like that and is that a sign of celiac? Thanks again for any advice, as I am too impatient to wait a week for biopsy results lol 

  5. Thank you all for the quick responses, I don't think an endo is going to happen tomorrow but I don't know what other tests they may run so I was just curious. I know the celiac panel does not require fasting but didnt know if there would be tests for anemia or other vitamin deficiencies that did require fasting. The way I've felt for the last couple days I think I may just fast anyways lol

  6. Thanks again for the advice, but now I have another question;

    After further testing I am not IgA deficient, so the two IgA tests were valid and were both negative but the IgG is still positive. Does anyone know If there another cause for a positive IgG other than celiac? I don't have all the symptoms of celiac, I am not anemic, the only vitamin deficiency (that I know of) is Vit D which is very common among the general population. I am following up with my GI guy the first week of August I am just trying to get as much info as I can before my appointment.

  7. Alright so my doctor has just referred me to a Gastroenterologist. My question is this; A few days ago I decided to attempt a gluten free diet, to see if it made any difference (after 2 days, it has not but I did not expect improvement quickly). Should I continue with the gluten free diet before following up with the GE doc, or will he want more blood tests/endoscopy and will this mess with the results? On one hand an official diagnosis would be nice and I don't want to ruin the other tests but on the other hand it seems stupid to have the treatment to feeling better right in front of me but force myself to suffer until I get an official diagnosis.  

  8. Okay so I will have to request more IgG related. blood tests then. 6 or higher was considered positive for the test my doctor ran, sorry i thought they all would have the same reference range. My doctor failed to even address these results and my symptoms still seem very mild for an extreme diagnosis such as this (Gas bloating, occasional diarrhea, as well as headaches fatigue and sinusitis which was diagnosed as a sinus infection, don't know if that is relevant but those were my symptoms when I first went to the doctor). Currently awaiting test results for h.Pylori as well. Thanks for the advice nvsmom. I have started keeping a food log of everything I eat and how I feel afterwards because I am not sure I am ready to believe this just yet. What are the chances this was a false positive? I am in denial, I know. lol 

  9. Hello, I am new here, thank you all in advance for the advice.


    I just got the blood tests back from my doctor and he neglected to even mention the results from the celiac panel that he ran. After having the nurse print a copy of all of the results, I noticed 2 abnormalities in the findings and under the interpretation it is noted, "Serological evidence for celiac disease is present. Consider IgA deficiency. Here are the results from the 3 tests;


    Tissue Transglutaminase: 1. 

    Immunoglobulin A: <15

    Tissue Transglutaminase AB IGG: 9


    So from my understanding of these results, the IGG was positive, and the other 2 were negative but my IgA was well below normal limits. Why did my doctor fail to even mention these results and should I be concerned?