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  1. Wow, I found both the question and the answers very helpful. THANKS. I'm struggling with diagnosis (10 days, but who's counting). I'm sorry to say this - but I really felt like most of the "Gluten-free" people were just nut jobs, overly anxious about food poisoning, and just generally hypochondriacs. Now, I feel like that about myself too..... Sorry to all of you, that I now realize have a VERY REAL problem, and some of you from what I read are in worse shape than I am, and best of all, many of you have triumphed over the disease and give me hope! Please keep those answers coming and don't be offended by questions from those of us that are newly diagnosed and still trying to figure out what are symptoms of the disease and what are just normal problems that come with life.
  2. Wow, you guys make me feel way better, I been getting the exact same treatment from friends and coworkers for the last week. I was starting to think they were right and I was crazy, after all how could I be allergic to something I've been eating my whole life! I feel your pain, I get it! This forum has made me feel better for the first time since I was diagnosed, it's a real disease, and it's not just in your head, we need to hang together for support.
  3. Thanks again, and I' m sorry if that question offended some, but I am sure I am not the only person that wonders these things, No this isn't a Fad diet for me. I have probably had this disease for 10 + years! but I was only diagnosed 9 days ago. I finally got so bad that I went to a Gastrointerologist, and he had me tested for celiac's, the tests came back positive 9 days ago. Anyway, I'm going to try my best, and thank you all for the wonderful advice!
  4. Ok, like I said earlier today, I'm 9 days gluten-free. I feel better honestly, but I'm wondering if I need to go "cold turkey" gluten-free, or if I can "ease into this eating thing" What I'm really asking is "Can I cheat on this diet, and how sorry will I be when I do?" I almost caved the other day when my co-workers were all eating pizza and cookies.... I know I will break down at some point. How much wheat is too much? After all, I ate wheat products for 50 years, and I have only been sick for 10 years.... - Any advice?
  5. I've been gluten free for 9 days. It seems over whelming, glad to read such an encouraging post.