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  1. Making steak and baked potatoes tonight....once I get the motivation to get the steaks going anyway....I would rather grill them but it's too cold!!
  2. I've been doing so much baking/cooking the past few weeks I'm not doing anything today. Someone else can cook tonight
  3. I just ate at a restaurant that had gluten free ravioli!! I really debated about that or the pasta dish I got. I ended up with the other pasta dish though.
  4. I made some gluten-free cinnamon rolls last night--they are baking in the oven right now. They better be good because they were a pain in the rear to make . Prime rib is on the menu for Christmas Dinner today. That has been dry aging in the fridge for a couple days now.
  5. Dinner for 2, gluten free bread to start (grilled and garlic and cheese I think). They have a unique hot stone cooking stone and I had that with steak, daughter had pistachio crusted tuna. She said it was the best thing ever. Shared some gluten-free cheesecake for dessert...YUM!!! $42 plus tip...
  6. It's about 6 blocks or so from the clinic---easy walk if the weather works. I thought the prices were very reasonable, especially for gluten-free food. I think our dinner bills were in the $35 range (2 people). I'll be eating there tonight, and probably tomorrow night too
  7. We have a request for stew when our oldest comes to visit for Christmas! Almost done with the Christmas baking. I want to do some turtles using Rolo candy and gluten-free pretzels. I'm debating about making mini cheesecakes too. I'm running out of time so we will see. I have to get some real...
  8. My biggest frustration is just not having anywhere to go out to eat that I can trust 100%. Ok, Red Robin is good, but it's burgers and french fries. There is a restaurant in MN that is gluten-free (and gluten food) but the owner is Celiac and her staff is supremely trained. They have a HUGE menu...
  9. I had some leftover pancake mix that I put in the fridge overnight and made some for breakfast. The mix held up overnight and the pancakes were actually a little lighter this morning. Nice to know Pork chops tonight--not sure what I'm going to serve with them, probably zucchini.
  10. Had pancakes and bacon. I thought I had some of the Bisquick gluten-free mix but I didn't, but I found some Krusteaz in the cupboard. They were good, on the sweetside, but so are their gluten mixes. They are heavy and they don't bubble up like gluten ones so it's a new learning curve to cook them...
  11. We used to make those hot dogs all the time when we were little. I LOVED those (and forgot about them).
  12. going to try homemade pizza tonight. I got some Bob's pizza crust mix and a new baking stone.
  13. That is a deal!!! Prime rib was on sale at my store yesterday. I don't normally buy it this early but it was too good to pass up!!
  14. The recipe was basically the same, but called for butter vs using Crisco shortening like he normally does. I am not a fan of cookies made with butter--just too gummy and greasy. My friend that mixed the flours for me said she uses her normal recipes and adds Xantan Gum appropriately. I've had...