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  1. I was diagnosed in March-and some days are good, others not so much. My TTG levels were through the roof-but in a very short time I have brought them to normal.  I am learning that I cannot eat several dairy products right now, that beans are not a good idea at the moment (it seems that any food that is hard for non-celiacs to digest is impossible for me right now) and the challenge is that you do not know it will bother you until it is too late...

    According to my specialist, my nutritionist, and everyone else who knows this disease, I live in the best Canadian city if I am a celiac. We have tons of dedicated restaurants, bakeries, and products available to us. I get tired of everyone here telling me that I should go buy this and go eat here-Celiac is a challenging disease when you have a tight budget. I gave up on baking-and I do not need to eat dried up bread that costs three times that of a normal loaf. I have had those days where this is simply overwhelming, and I have cried at the loss of cinnamon scones in my life. I am hoping that I will get to a point where most days feel good-but I am reminding myself every bad day that I am in the beginning of my recovery and I have to patiently hope it will get better. It sucks to be so intimately familiar with every detail of my bathroom because of time spent....you know. Thank you to all of you for being out here and helping the rest of us figure out this weird world that we now live in, this is far more helpful to me than sitting through yet another celiac workshop where they say "if you have to have a disease, this is the best one to get"....and to keep explaining to people that this is not a trendy diet for me, this is my life, my reality, and if you ask me how my diet is going one more time I am going to punch you......




    Thank you for posting this Connie, sometimes we need reminders that it takes a while to heal :) I was diagnosed in early July with celiac and I have more bad days than good days right now. As you can tell I am impatient... I just have to keep telling myself it takes a while to heal. I am 100% gluten-free and have been since my diagnosis. Hopefully we will both be feeling better soon! I know one thing though, being gluten-free has made me a lot healthier, even though I don't feel better yet. I eat a lot more fruits and veggies, cut out the soda, etc... Down the road I am sure I will be glad I did this :)

  2. Thanks everyone for taking the time to comment, I do appreciate it. I don't think I am going to get a biopsy because of price right now... due to the fact that the doctor said I tested postiive for celiac with the blood test and that I can tell it is food that is affecting me.


    I had a good day today!! No Big D for the first time in probably a week and as I type this I am completely pain free in the stomache :)


    So you know what I'm gonna do? I'm literally gonna eat the same thing every day for a while lol. I want to make sure I am healing for a while before trying alternative things.


    I guess it must be different for everyone but today all I ate was fresh chicken, salad, cucumbers, tomatoes, strawberries, blueberries, 2 gluten-free protein bars, a turkey sandwich with canyone bakehouse gluten-free bread + cheese, maynoise, etc....

    I also didn't have any soda or any sugar drinks.... I drank straight water all day. And actually I feel pretty energetic still.


    Cross your fingers for me. Will see how it goes over the next couple days. Probably will wait a week until I try putting anything else into my mouth :)

  3. Thanks everyone. So does everyone recommend I get a biopsy? I realize it is kind of late now. The doctor said from the results of the blood test that it was "very positive" (whatever that means) for celiac and didn't need one. I am going gluten-free now no matter what... I have done enough reading to know how much healthier it is and even my parents have started eating gluten-free after hearing about the trouble I have been having.


    And that one week of amazing that I had, I felt like a whole new person... I think a big problem I have is I am not eating enough fresh fruits/veggies. I need to work harder on that.

  4. Hello everyone,


    Glad to have found the forum.


    I am 27 years old and have been having stomache pain since April 2014. I was diagnosed with Celiac from blood test on July 3rd, 2014.  I realize I might still need to get a intestinal biopsy but my doctor said first that I needed to go completely gluten-free and take probiotics... (florastor)


    So the very first week going gluten-free was like heaven. 2 days after going gluten-free I felt great. Stomach felt normal, etc... But after that first week my symptoms seem to come back full force and even worse. It is now July 22 and I am having very few good days. From reading other posts on here I realize this probably isn't a long enough time to determine anything if my gut is healing (I think I am one of the lucky ones because I never had stomach pain or any digestive issues prior to April 2014. I am hoping that means my gut isn't too badly damaged).

    Did anyone else have a period of "amazing" right after going gluten-free and then it actually get worse?


    The Big D and stomach pain are my two biggest things I am dealing with right now.


    Does sugar/soda effect anyone else? I am really trying to determine what causes me to feel bad, but then again maybe it is too soon and I will just have good and bad days.

    I have cut out soda for right now which is very hard since I work late into the night. But maybe that isn't the problem.


    I have been eating some gluten-free products and a lot salads... I have been 100% gluten-free since July 4th. I am trying to go completely organic but baby steps.


    I am starting a food journal to try and see if I can determine what causes worse days.


    Any other advice?


    Thanks everyone.