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  1. Thank you all. You have provided me with very useful information. Life is busy and active so I greatly appreciate you taking the time to help me. I will keep you posted. For now I will continue eating healthy as I am without gluten and share...
  2. Thank you again for your help. I just made an appointment with a GI doctor who specializes in Celiac. I have the appointment July 31st. I feel like I am on a not so fun journey. Cindy Bea
  3. Dear Nvsmom and Smri, Thank you so much for replying. I learned from your posts and I appreciate it. I believe my next step is to find a specialist ... very good advice. I did see my General Practitioner. She said she did a "Celiac Panel...
  4. Doctors spend 15 minutes with you. That is the time you get. I am consulting you ... whoever is out there... (I have never blogged before) because I am overwhelmed and do not know what to do next. I suffered from stomach pain during my...