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  1. Thank you all. You have provided me with very useful information. Life is busy and active so I greatly appreciate you taking the time to help me. I will keep you posted. For now I will continue eating healthy as I am without gluten and share everything with my doctor July 31st. In the meantime I will keep reading and educating myself. I know I feel much better not eating gluten. One step at a time. It sure is comforting knowing you are here. Also...thank you for the vitamin/mineral information. I will take a supplement and share that also with doctor. Cindy Beatrice
  2. Thank you again for your help. I just made an appointment with a GI doctor who specializes in Celiac. I have the appointment July 31st. I feel like I am on a not so fun journey. Cindy Bea
  3. Dear Nvsmom and Smri, Thank you so much for replying. I learned from your posts and I appreciate it. I believe my next step is to find a specialist ... very good advice. I did see my General Practitioner. She said she did a "Celiac Panel blood test". The report says: Gliadin IGG : 9.35 < 15 normal Gliadin IGA 203.74 <15 normal Endomysial IgA AB Negative Antireticulin AB IgA Negative Reference Lab: Quest Diagnostics Wood Dale IL, CCp AntiBody IgG: 1.50 <4.0 normal "Results obtained from this date forward were obtained with the Immulite 2000. Results from other manufacturers assay methods may not be used interchangeably." .....From my written report (Gliadin Iga) is what is listed....since it is not written tTG Iga or DGP IGA can I assume that it is an AGA IGA number? I should see a specialist to explain but I don't want to start eating gluten again. My, that would kill me. I have been off since December (with a few cheating because I did not know what I was dealing with). Seeing my IGA (which ever one that means) at 203 and knowing that anything over 15 is not normal....I'm scared and now view gluten as a poison. I can't help but think what are all those antigens doing in my body now and I do not want to create more by eating gluten every day in order to have another test. I probably should see a specialist so they can educate me. It is confusing. I have been reading for days. Maybe I can call the lab and have them further explain the tests as well. Thank you ... truly... for being kind and educating me. I appreciate all the knowledge you can bestow. Cindy
  4. Doctors spend 15 minutes with you. That is the time you get. I am consulting you ... whoever is out there... (I have never blogged before) because I am overwhelmed and do not know what to do next. I suffered from stomach pain during my early childhood. Finally, I had my appendix removed when I was 14 (1979). I am a school librarian, mother of 3, and fairly active but nearly always in pain. Just sold our motorcycle because of so much hip and joint pain. My doctor, 4 years ago, put me on Lyrica. I took it for a month and dumped it in the garbage and lived with the neuropathy, joint pain, and "fibromyalgia" my doctor diagnosed me with. I am very active and work with K - 5th grade students. In December 2013 I read Wheat Belly and decided to go off gluten. I am Italian and this was a very difficult thing to do. I felt a lot better but did not really go off. I just read Grain Brain (Brother had Schizophrenia / Dad suffering from Dementia) by Perlmutter and decided to switch doctors and ask for a celiac panel test. My IGA came out at 203.74. The test information said anything over 30 was bad. My doctor casually mentioned that I should stay away from gluten. I pretty much was off of it since December 2013. I had the test 2 weeks ago. I am overwhelmed. She did not diagnose me as having Celiac disease. I feel like I have it. There are so many people who do not believe it could be that and suggest gluten containing products to me. Since Monday (when I received the numbers I have been researching and will stay off all of it) but I guess I am simply asking for your input. Should I look further and get a biopsy? Should I take the number and just stay off gluten and who cares what family and friends are thinking? Sorry I sound so illogical. I am not that type of person but I am overwhelmed at this point in time. Thanks to anyone who is out there who has been through this or can assist. Cindy Bea