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  1. I order some foods through a Co-op thingy and I was able to get the Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Oatmeal this month!!!! It says that it is grown in fields dedicated to oats, so I felt comfy eating it. I jsut had it for lunch and it tasted soooo good!!! Apples, brown sugar, butter and sprinkle of cinnamon. I just had to share this with other people who MIGHT be as excited about eating a bowl of oatmeal as I am!!! My friends just don't 'get it', the whole being excited over oatmeal thing!!!! I can NOT wait to make chocolate chip peabut butter oatmeal cookies......those are my favorite!!!!!!!!
  2. Oh, if this is true it has just made my life so much easier!!! boy #3 is in a picky phase and ONLY wants Hidden Valley Ranch, so we have 2 opened bottles at all times, since I was told a HV had gluten.......and now I don't have to search out other ranch mixes for some of my recipes, including my taco soup, too!!!! I can use Hidden Valley!!! That and y discovery of Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free oatmeal, has made this week, just wonderfuL!!!!!
  3. OH!!! I have THE answer for you....I am from St. Louis originally and the Kinnikinik crusts are too thick and sweet for a really good pizza for me. I found Chebe mixes to be AWESOME......better than when I was baking WITH gluten....... Just about any of the flavors work. I follow the directions on the back as far as mixing goes....then seperate the dough into 2 balls. Roll it out really, really thin on parchement paper and prebake until it is a slightly golden on top, flip it over and bake a fw more minutes, THEN add your toppings........ Seriously, this is the BEST crispy pizza crust ever.......I also use this to make crackers for myself. I cut it with a pizza cutter into bite size pcs and keep flipping and baking until they are brown, then let them cool and they are yummmmmmy crackers!!
  4. I'm pretty sure I know the answer to this, but thought I'd ask anyway......a friend told me that she is using Kix cereal in a snack for her son's class. There is a little girl in the class that is gluten-free and her mom told my friend that Kix was ok to use. I don't think so......I looked on here as best I could, but apparently you have to have more than 3 letters in a word to look it up....I kept getting a kick back when I typed in Kix to search. So, does anyone have info on this that it IS gluten-free???? It has oat flour in it, which means CC to me, and I'm not going there. Thanks!!!
  5. The Good HArvest store in Pewaukee is a great place to get stuff,, not far from Sussex. I live in Wales and the manager there is very helpful!!!!
  6. I don't know the answer to your question, BUT I ahve an awesome easy recipe that I make all the time for Cream cheese Frosting. Take one stick of butter, softened to room temp one brick of cream cheese, softened to room temp Blend those together until smooth, add a dash or two of vanilla and then powdered sugar until it is the consistency you want it. yuuuuuummmmy!!! On cakes, cookies, fruit, or by the spoonful if you are feeling really naughty!!
  7. I don't know the answer to your question, BUT I ahve an awesome easy recipe that I make all the time for Cream cheese Frosting. Take one stick of butter, softened to room temp one brick of cream cheese, softened to room temp Blend those together until smooth, add a dash or two of vanilla and then powdered sugar until it is the consistency you want it. yuuuuuummmmy!!! On cakes, cookies, fruit, or by the spoonful if you are feeling really naughty!!
  8. Thanks so much for your responses. He's in 5th grade and so he has a lot of control over what he eats. Right now he is willing to only eat what I tell him he can. I'm trying to keep him very bland and no lactose for at least a couple days and see if we can get him feeling better. Since I went gluten-free, the whole family eats gluten-free in the house, except for the occasional bagel (seperate toaster) or bowl of Cheerios or a flour tortilla rollup. So it won't be that hard for him at home, eating out will be a different story, esp. the lactose thing, but that is only temporary until his gut feels better. I hope by this experiment I can convince DH and him that he needs to be gluten-free. And maybe the other son (older) will decide to try it too. That one is in Middle School tho, and the lunch choices, OY!! I think they sprinkle extra gluten on everything...ugh! It will have to be take your lunch to school if he decides to try gluten-free. Now to see what happens with the rest of the boys....... Thanks again!!!
  9. So I discovered I was gluten intolerant about 1 1/2 years ago......really think at least 2 of my kids have a gluten intolerance also.....one of them went for all sorts of testing last summer...all normal. SO, tonight he tells me that he is sick of having cramps, diarreaha (why is that word so hard to spell????) blah blah blah. Writes down a list of his symptoms and asks me to call the doctor in the morning. My biggest obstacle is that my DH is a pediatrician and lives by test results. It took a couple months for him to take my intolerance seriously, he totally is on board with me now. I am so convinced my son has the same thing as me, but I am NOT putting him through all the GI tests again and the bloodwork is just going to come back normal again since intolerance doesn't show up in bloodwork, only Celiac itself, yes???? Am I wrong???? So my question for you all is......did your child have sypmtoms continuously or did they come and go???? His comes and goes. And we'ver tried keeping a food diary, but right now pretty much everything cause him to run to the bathroom. I'm thinking he is a bit lactose intolerant right now too, I had some of that but it went away after being gluten-free. so anywhoooo, my question.....did the symptoms come and go, or where they constant???? Thanks for reading my rambles.......at my wits end.
  10. Ohhhh!!! That is great to know about about SeaWorld, inlaws want to go there with us.......and they like to eat out...... jmengert....i got the email. THANKS!!!!
  11. THANK YOU !!!!! I should have started looking into all this earlier, jsut too much going on chasing kids and carpooling and etc......alwasy down to the wire with me. ANyway, i have hopefully pm'd you......thanks again!!!
  12. THANKS.....I will be talking to the inlaws tonight hopefully and see if they know where the Jewelry store is. And RE: Disney.....I think I should call and see if they have a list of the gluten-free foods. I ahvent foun one online yet, but of course I have gotten distracted this morning when I started packing, I ended up deciding to clean out my closet and soooooo........I am going to be completely absorbed in getting everything put back together before kids get home, so I can get theirclothespacked!!! Thanks again....
  13. So we are taking the boys to Florida to visit grandparents and enjoy 8 days of sunshine. We have a condo in Orlando so I will be able to do some cooking and etc. Don't want to do much though, and knowing my family as I do, the boys will NOT want to eat in often. Breakfast is the one thing I will be able to count on. SO.... I need to know where I can find gluten-free products, so I don't have to pack a bunch in our suitcases. I am also making Thanksgiving dinner at the in-laws, so need some gluten-free bread and etc, that I would rather not pack in my suitcase either. They are actually in Zephyr Hills. I'd like to get a lot of the stuff when we are there on Fri/Sat and leave it for T-Day. SO .......ANYONE?????? I'd love to have a couple Chebe mixes to make crackers, a loaf of bread to toast for stuffing, and the rest I can make do with regula grocery stuff. THanks for any help you have to offer..... OH, and does anyone know how good Disney, MGM and Universal are with gluten-free foods??? AM I going to starve when we are out and about???? Do i need to pack my own feed bag?????
  14. I'd also love to know the answer to this question. I am so leary of the cappucino mixes....soemtimes drink them anyway and soemtimes feel funny, sometimes I'm ok.....anyone have any answers???
  15. ok here is my 2cents. I was diagnosed with clinical rhuamatoid arthiritis at 25, which means that all my tests came back normal, but my body wasn't and so THANKFULLY my doc recognized my symptoms and treated me. I was on various meds, trial and error. Enbrel for 5 years, helped immensely. THe joint pain, fatigue etc....so much better, a lot like what you are describing. I did not do any elimination diets back then, jsut within the last year figured out I had a gluten intolernace. Getting rid of gluten has pretty much cleared up my RA. I still take a muscle relaxer at night. as long as i get a good night sleep and eat right, drink plenty of water and exercise, I seem to be doing jsut fine. I am only on about 5 mg of prednisone a day now, which is incredible for me. Used to be nothing shy of 30+ mg would even think about helping (before Enbrel) . THe RA is basically in remission. I think you are on the right path. Everyone is different and you just have to keep trying until you find what works. You are by no means alone though.
  16. Thanks for all the suggestions. We are going to get to their house early in the day, so I am just going to offer to make the entire dinner. I was going to do a big chunk of it anyway, but if I offer to make it all, then she won't get all stressed out in the kitchen and she and grandpa and dad can take care of the hooligans while I spend my afternoon in the kitchen, which I LOVE to do. We will jsut do most of the shopping when we see them a few days prior and then I can grab the rest of the stuff and bring it along. Thanks again!!! I may end up with a cornish hen for me, I can't plan that far in advance from this much of a distance, so if I can't find a suitable turkey for me, I will eat cornish hen......yum!! This is going to work out just fine!!!!
  17. THOSE are really good!!! I forgot about them!!! Great Idea!!!
  18. I think I could ask for a plain turkey, that shouldn't send them over the edge. I think that is what they get anyway.....we will be arriving the Friday before so maybe I can just ask my MIL if I can go and do the shopping with her, that way I can check all the labels. I really do not want to fly home 2 days later with a gluten hangover, especially with 4 kids, that is stressful enough.
  19. I made ginger cookies that ended up being way too crumbly, so I just crumbled them all up and they are in the freezer awaiting that very thing you mentioned. IT was a mix from Grandma Ferndons. I think it was actually ginger snaps
  20. My friend said something about it being injected. They get the free range type because of that. We are traveling to Florida for Thanksgiving, and my in-laws don't quite get the whole gluten-free thing. I went to dinner with them this past weekend and they kept trying to get me to "take just ONE bite, it's so good" of their soup, or the breaded shrimp, or etc....... IF I have to tell them they have to get a special turkey they might blow a gasket. I'm going to do a lot of the cooking at the condo we are renting and take it to their house, but the turkeythey are in charge of.... I've been thinking about how I am going to do the stuffing. I usually make my own from a fresh loaf of bread anyway, that I cube and toast, so I just need to get a good loaf of gluten-free bread and I think it will be fine, but I am not familiar with the stores in Orlando, so I could run into some problems.......I might have to pack a loaf in my suitcase. Thanks for the quick answers. I could not find a thing on the Butterball website. I think I will just let them be with the turkey, and handle the rest of it. BTW...corkdarr.....I was reading your signature and I live in Wisconsin currently and could NOT imagine having to give up dairy, gluten I can handle but giving up cheese would send me over hte edge to!!! The cheesestick thing, made me laugh, b/c I have had some not so succesful tries at making them gluten-free, rather gooey so far. ANd CarlaB, I notice you have braces, me too, my middle aged crisis, I tell people I want things to be where they are supposed to be before I hit 40 in a couple years. Great weight loss program, teeth hurt so much I don't want to eat most of the time.
  21. A friend's brother is Celiac and I was told they have to get a special turkey every year so he can eat it. I am going on my first year gluten-free and didn't even THINK that I couldn't have a butterball turkey.........so does anyone have a quick answer before I spend hours trying to figure this one out......Can I just buy a frozen turkey from the grocery, or do I have to get a special one from somewhere else????? THanks!!!!
  22. I buy from UNBC also. Sometimes someone will want a box or two of what I buy, but mostly I jsut get the cases of things. It is nice so that I have staples on hand and don't have to run into the health food store for special things all the time. THe local grocery has more and more, but I bake a lot and so it is cheaper for me to buy bulk.
  23. The EnerG sesame ones are my favorite. Glutinos are ok, but have found I prefer EnerG. I also like that they come in smaller bags and easy for snacking on trips and carpooling and etc....
  24. I don;t think she meant that hydrogenated oils have anything to do with gluten. I think she meant that hydrogenated oils are not healthy for you because (as a friend who is a chemist says) it is like eating diesel fuel. The chemical makeup of hydrogenated oils is close to diesel fuel and he (our chemist friend) tries to avoid it for his family. Since talking to him about this several years ago, we too have eliminated as much as possible, although I do still indulge in Snickers (well, before I had a midlife crisis and got braces, but I will again when they are off) occasionally. But I just think she was trying to say that sometimes it seems like anything said can turn into an argument by someone else. One person says Snickers are safe, another person says no they're not b/c the hydrogenated oils are bad for you and an argument can ensue....not always, but I am jsut saying that sometimes people are maybe a little too touchy on the eating thing, especially since a lot of people on here have more than one dietary restriction and it makes for some heated debates. SO I hope that was politically correct enough and an accurate enough run down of what I THINK she meant........
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