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  1. I would recommend both quitting all gluten and probably going to the ER, or talking to your doctor. Gluten is known to cause some very major brain disorders. I have heard that the cells that line the gut are similar to the cells that protect the brain.

    Celiac disease is an auto immune disorder where anti bodies are created in response to gluten. As long as someone continues to eat gluten the number of antibodies can remain relatively low.  If somebody stops eating the body continues to produce antibodies that build up in the blood steam.  Some people get anxiety whenever they eat gluten and I think other people can get anxiety (or physical pain) by stopping eating gluten. 

    I would recommend getting tested for Celiac disease, that way you could get the support of your family members. Here is a link to a paper that connects gluten with about a dozen different mental health conditions:  http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3641836/  If you eat gluten and you have Celiac disease it can kill you. Make the right choice.

    You mentioned that you were taking anti-psychotic medications at one point.  Celiac disease can cause schizophrenia and that are types of schizophrenia that are milder and don't involve hallucinations.  Anxiety and physical pain are related. 

    I would recommend going to an ER with the information in hand as I don't think most doctors are familiar with what Gluten can do to the brain. There are also cases which don't present in the typical way such as my own. The doctor can give you pain killers  to manage the pain and you can request gluten free food.   


  2. New planet taste really good. There are also a few other types of gluten free beers that I like. I never knew that Coors made a gluten free beer either. I'll have to ask around to see if I can find it here.


    I changed my mind about oats. I read that some oat brands were tested and had over 2000 ppm gluten due to contamination which is quite a bit. I might be getting a bit of a reaction from them I am not sure. I am going to avoid gluten removed beers for a while to make sure. 

  3. Thanks. Yeah I noticed the original post was old but there are some new ones. 


    I know with omission beer some people have a strong reaction. Other people seem to tolerate it without any noticeable problems. I react strongly to gluten but can drink gluten removed beer without any problems. It took me a while to get comfortable with the idea but I am fine with it now. I can see why some people would want to play it safe and not consume anything made from wheat or barley.


    The 'removal' process merely breaks the gluten proteins down in to smaller pieces. These smaller pieces are technically not gluten.  Some other regular beers have a lower gluten content than gluten removed beer. I think it depends on the individuals choice and on what they react to. Certainly not all people with Celiac disease are the same. 

  4. I suspect that milk also effects how I think and that I get brain fog from it. My reaction to milk is very mild compared to gluten and slow to take effect. When I accidentally eat gluten within a few minutes I have a strong sense of impeding doom, even though I know it's just an effect of the gluten. I also avoid people for the most part and become very irritable.  How people appeared to me visually also changed when I quit eating gluten the first time. Their physical features and the way they dressed looked more exaggerated to me and a little bit cartoonish. I talked to a doctor about it and she said it probably had to do with gut bacteria producing neurotransmitters but I think there is more to it than that.  I suspect that it is an auto-immune system response is being triggered that effects the brain. Possibly something similar to the condition known as PANDAS.

    I feel great and happy now but I do notice my siblings are more talkative than I am.

  5. Hello,
    I learned just about a year ago that I have celiac disease. Whenever I eat gluten I get strong anxiety. About 95 percent of my symptoms went away when I quit, but I still have a few.  I had most of the symptoms of high functioning autism, or Asperger syndrome.  One of the symptoms of this disorder is a fascination with learning about particular narrow topics of information. Before I went gluten free I used to spend months and months on end researching information on different types of nuclear reactors for example. When I quit gluten this symptom stayed with me for a while and then gradually faded. My anxiety level went way down almost immediately, however and other symptoms went away. When I eat gluten by accident I tend to hyper-focus on certain things but nothing at all like before. Does anyone else have this symptom when eating gluten?
    Also I am much more comfortable around people than I used to be, but I still have a bit of social phobia. I know some other people have had this symptom. How long (if ever) does it take for this to go away?


  6. My symptoms are *dominantly* neuro/psychiatric. I have to have been on gluten for a while before I start noticing dramatic physical symptoms - otherwise, my physical symptoms tend to be the "nagging minor complaint" variety that tends to make other people think I'm a malingerer.

    I was in a psych day program for three weeks when I broke out with a bad, full blown case of DH and finally it started to look like... "oh, this isn't all in my head".

    My neuro/psych symptoms are the following:

    * A form of dissociation. Feeling spacey or disconnected from my body.

    * Feeling emotionless or numb.

    * Not being able to string two coherent thoughts together.

    * Bad ADHD symptoms.

    * Sensory issues

    * Feeling like my brain has been wrapped up in a blanket

    * feeling confused and like I don't know who I am

    * being able to basically sit there in a corner and stare at a wall and drool

    * NO energy.

    * bad coordination

    * seeming like I'm drunk or on drugs

    * zero libido. I didn't even figure out what my sexual orientation was for a long time because I was so "delayed" in this department. No feeling of connection to my body

    I was dx'd with Asperger's, but then the diagnosis was reversed by a different professional who saw me after I'd been on Atkins for a while. The funny thing is that on Atkins, I felt completely normal.

    I dropped out of high school at 15, have often had severe learning issues (sporadically - would do very well sometimes but inexplicably, badly at other times), I had trouble learning to drive and had frequent car accidents, and at 38, it's only now I'm getting control of my life (am a full time college student now, doing well) after a lifetime of failed classes and lost jobs.

    When my diet is under control - I feel like a HUMAN BEING and nobody can ever believe that I've been through what I have.

    The psych symptoms for me happened long before physical symptoms set in. I had suffered with those most of my life, but only had DH in 07. I now also have Graves Disease and severe periodontitis with bone loss.

    If you still reading this forum. People with asperger's syndrome, or high functioning autism have intense and narrow interests (like they may be totally and completely interested in frogs). DId you have narrow interests? I used to have all of the symptoms of high functioning autism, but they completely went away after I went gluten free.  I am seeing of your experinece is the same as mine.

  7. Sorry ch88, I wasn't trying to imply you were schizo.  The point I was trying to make is that it is known that gluten can affect some people's brains.  The affects are various.  This isn't an area that has had a lot of research, so there may be many unknowns still.  My thinking on it is simple.  If gluten can affect a persons walking ability and muscle coordination, and increase mental symptoms in others, why couldn't it cause other affects in people?   Quite a few people on this board have reported problems with insomnia and depression for instance.  Or uncharacteristic anger or other mental symptoms.  We sometimes talk about people having "brain fog" on the forum, which refers to a mental state of being forgetful, or fuzzy or even losing balance at times.  The symptoms of brain fog are fairly wide I think.  But it's another example of possible mental/brain affects of gluten or the immune response to gluten.


    I don't doubt you can have negative affects on your mental function due to gluten.  I think it's silly for the medical field to deny the possibility of various mental/brain affects.  Just because a big grant hasn't funded a relevant study doesn't mean something isn't true IMHO.


    Oh, okay yeah that makes sense.


    I have been looking around on the site to see if anyone had a simliar experience. Although a number of people were effected in strong ways by gluten, I haven't found anyone who's experience was the same as mine, which I find kindof odd.


  8. I don't think I was schizophrenic. I know quite a few people who think I am autistic, but I don't know anyone who thinks I'm schizophrenic. (That or maybe I am just imagining them all :) There is a lot of overlap between schizophrenia, some immune disorders, autism and the possible effects of wheat. One of the overlaps is anxiety which makes it kindof confusing.  Autism describes the way my mind worked (and in some ways still works), though, really really well. Fortunately the anxiety has gone away. 


    My coordination did not appear to be at significantly altered by any of this. 


    I am thinking it may possible have to do with the blood-brain-barrier. Wheat has a protein called galdin which causes the creation of a third substance which in turn can open the blood-brain-barrier. The other possibility is that it is related somehow to my immune system and the creation of immunogoblin. I found one study where someone was cured of autism by administering of immunogoblin by an IV.



  9. Okay, thanks for the responses. 



    Since I get strong anxiety and since my chest hurts on the couple occasions when I have eaten gluten on accident I am pretty sure that I am allergic to wheat. From what I have read if you go gluten free (which I have for a few months now) that could give a false negative if I were to get tested. Since the gluten free diet seems to be working I am going to stick with it. I have tried eliminating casein, as well as a few other things just to see if they had an effect. I wasn't able to notice much of any difference though so I think it is just the gluten. 


    I was looking at a web page about the different kinds of immune system responses, and different types of antibodies, and it turns out they play a role in autism:



  10. I have heard of the Gluten and casein free diet.  Some people with autism can be allergic to wheat like I was. I don't however think this is very common. There was a large study about the effects of a wheat and casein free diet on autism and the results were negative. 


    People with high functioning autism are able to hide, to a certain extent, their symptoms and to blend in with the rest of the world. They may learn, for example, how to hold eye contact. Life is still a huge struggle for them. I am different though...things that were extremely painful and difficult for me are now enjoyable and just come naturally. I don't think that has happened to anyone before. I know this isn't very believable but that's what happened. :) 


    I haven't gotten tested for Gluten intolerance, but I know I have huge anxiety problems whenever I accidentally eat wheat. My mind does not, however, go back to functioning the way it did before the incident. 

  11. Here is my story. I am not sure if anyone is going to believe this as it has not happened to anyone as far as I know in the history of the world. Growing up I had, what I am convinced was high functioning autism. I had very intense an narrow interests, mild sensory issues, avoided eye contact, and had communication problems and all of the other symptoms of autism.

    One day I came back from exercising at the gym. I was hungry and I ate some breaded fish from walmart. I also drank a mike's hard lemonade.  As I ate the fish I started to become very very happy (it was very extreme....like I had overdosed). I couldn't stand still. I was jumping up and down and hugging my pet cat. Something changed in my brain within those couple minutes. Weird things changed in my brain...including how people looked to me. I had a totally totally different personality than I did before the incident.

    Since then my verbal skills have slowly been improving and I have been loosing my autistic traits. My brain changed a whole lot very quickly during the incident, and it has also been changing since that time. Autism is not supposed to change ever, and it is not caused (as far as I know) by an allergy to gluten. I still notice that I have traces of being autistic but they are very minor compared to what were before. I am %100 percent convinced that I was autistic.

    I know the incident was some how related to being allergic to wheat. In the couple weeks before I and forgotten to buy bread. I also noticed that I had not eaten any top ramen noodles and had picked mike's hard lemonade instead of regular beer. Since then I have learned that I am allergic to wheat (I get extreme anxiety whenever I eat wheat.) I also know that both fish oil and salt have huge impact on how my brain functions. I take both regularly which seems to help. 

    It gets even weirder....I have acquired music savant syndrome and have something similar to perfect musical pitch. I can play along with just about any tune on the piano, even if I haven't heard it before. I couldn't do this before the incident. I found an article online about an Isreali savant who has similar abilities...although no name was given and he didn't say how he got his savant abilities. I don't have a perfect memory, but I think I have other savant musical abilities.

    I am wondering if anyone has any ideas about what could have happened. Also if someone is allergic to wheat, and has been for all of their life, would they have diarrhea every time they eat wheat? I don't know if my allergy to wheat happened suddenly or if I have had it my whole life. This whole thing is very very weird to me and I can't really make any sense out of it.