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  1. Hello! I am a part of a non-profit organization called International Cultural Exchange Services. We work with local families here in the Houston Metro area (anywhere from Willis-Galveston) who want to host an international exchange student in there home. I currently have a 17 year oldf boy from Sweden and he has Celiac disease. It is important for me to find a family for him that is aware of what the celiac disease is about and can provide support for him while he is here. I have included Benjamin's letter to this post, he seems like a really fun kid! If there is any interest being part of our program, please contact me at hdoyle@icesusa.org and I can tell you more. Thank you! Dear Host Family I’m 16 years old, and turn 17 in May. I attend Swedish high school and I am studying natural sience, which means I am studying a lot of maths physics, biology and such. Ever since I was very young I have aspired to become a doctor. And about three years ago I started to focus a lot on school and achieving my goal. I study an average of about 3 hours a day on top of my fulltime school attendance. This makes the freetime I have mean a lot to me. I spend my time off from school working out or seeing friends, sometimes both at the same time! I have been weight training for a long time with the goal of staying healthy and fit. Working out is my passion and I would be overjoyed if that would be an interest that you share with me! Aside from gymming, I also run and swim regularly. When I am not working out I love to spend time with my friends. I have a rich social life and I love going out meeting them and such in the evenings. I am very open as a person and I share almost everything with my friends and family. I am very outgoing and I love talking to new people. I envision myself making a lot of new friends in America! I am already excited to meet you! Benjamin
  2. Hello again!! I am now looking for TWO families in the state of TX who know about the celiac disease. We have two students from Europe and we have to find a host family for each student, the host family has to know what a celiac disease is about and be willing to host a student and give them support and guidance for 10 months. Thank you guys!! For more info, you can email me at hdoyle@icesusa.org
  3. Hi Brit, The students will have their own health insurance and spending money. Most students have bugeted about $200 per month for spending money (movies, eating out, school lunches etc.) The family is asked to provide a room and meals (except for school lunches and snacks), This is the reason why I am trying hard to find a family that already has a family member with celiac so they are already educated about what the student can/cannot eat. I hope this helps!!