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  1. Ennis, 

    I would recommend taking a low dose of thiamine (or benfotiamine - see below).  I take 100 mg of thiamine with my meals.  Taking thiamine at night can lead to insomnia.  And I would recommend taking the vitamin D in divided doses with meals as well.  

    Big round hamburger buns sound great.  I don't do hot dogs because of the microbial transglutaminase (food manufacturers call it meat glue)  added to it which has the same inflammatory effect as tissue transglutaminase (measured in Celiac tests).  

    Hmmm, kitchen renovations....dry wall  and a door to block off kitchen and a special sink drain set up.... I'm curious if that's doable.  

    Yes, I'm disillusioned with the medical profession.  My yucky doctors just kept writing prescriptions and did not bother to figure out WHY my health problems were snowballing.  

    Scarring in your esophagus? Sounds yucky.  Wonder if the scarring could have affected your sphincter muscles going into and out of the stomach.  I hope not! 

    Nerve damage or ataxia? Yikes! A form of thiamine called benfotiamene helps with nerve conductivity.   

    Quickly found a study on it.  I'll see what else I can find.


    And found this article, although it's selling something, it has some helpful information.


    I think I'll try benfotiamine myself.  My life as a guinea pig. Heavy sigh.  Oh, well.  Let's keep pushing forward.  "Sempre avanti" (always forward) is my motto.  

    I'd still like to try those buns.  I've been craving Sloppy Joe's sandwiches and they're just not the same without a bun. Lol. 

    Keep your chin up!

    Knitty Kitty


  2. Hey, Ennis!  

    I'm sorry to hear you're still having problems with so many things.  I wanted to encourage you. Talking with the Mighty is a good way to go.  He listens. 

    Have you thought about a mail order business?  Those hot dog buns sound delicious, as do so many of your chocolatey hemp desserts and other creations!  I, for one, would love to sample your wares!  I don't know what would be involved with a mail order gluten free bakery, but I know your creations would be better than the sawdust-tasting mass produced gluten free junk I've tried and well worth the shipping cost.

    I've been worried about your vomiting and bezoars.  I've been doing research and didn't seem to get anywhere until recently.  Remember I'm not a doctor.  So here's some articles I found....


    This article says that in people with gastroparesis, high levels of Vitamin D (above 50, better at 100 ng/mls) help stomach emptying.  

    Gastroparesis is where foods just sit in the stomach and don't empty out properly.  Instead the food just sits there and forms bezoars and causes vomiting.  

    You know I'm a big fan of Vitamin D and having one's level above the usual 30 ng/ml doctors accept.  But not content with Vitamin D as a cure all, I kept researching and I kept coming across articles that connected Thiamine (B1) to pancreas health and that diabetics had a greater need for thiamine for digestive enzymes,  insulin and glycagon production.  

    "But Ennis takes his vitamins," I told myself.

    And then I found this article


    I was very pleased with this article because it covers so much information I had unearthed in those NIH studies in one place. 

    It says that thiamine can be affected by other vitamins when they're taken together. (See the section "Step Three - Supplementation").  B2 riboflavin can affect thiamin hydrochloride so it doesn't work.  Plant Lectins which are in nuts and seeds can affect thiamine absorption.  And Tannins which are in coffee, chocolate (oh, those cocoa nibs) and nuts, can deplete thiamine.  (See the section "Step One - Food - Avoid Antinutrients").  Even medications such as proton pump inhibitors, antidepressants and antibiotics (oh, that tooth) can affect thiamine.  (See the section "Step Two - Lifestyle - Mind Your Medications").  

    Knowing you take a multivitamin, that seeds, nuts and chocolate are a big part of your diet, and have taken PPI's,  I'm wondering if you're having a problem with thiamine absorption.  

    I recently found these articles on niacin and folate deficiency affecting the pancreas, too.  



    Maybe you might consider changing your multivitamin and taking thiamine separately.  

    I'm type II diabetic and I can tell the difference by my blood sugar readings when I don't take enough thiamine. I thought I might be overdoing thiamine last week and my blood sugar went through the roof, so I'm back to supplementing. Oh, and Bilberry will help lower your glucose levels if you take a big dose before carby meals.  I take two capsules before eating rice or starches like peas or sweet potatoes.  

    I do worry about you and wish the best for you.  Keep talking to the Mighty.  

    Do message me if you can send me some of those hot dog buns and something chocolatey!   And, as always, I hope this helps.

    Knitty Kitty

  3. I heard you should put broken teeth in whole milk and then in the fridge.  

    I cracked off a corner of my back molar recently.  It doesn't show, but I can empathize.  A celiac relative cracked off both of her front teeth.  

    My Asperger sense of humor says it's time to go shopping for a grill! 

    Maybe adding a calcium supplement to balance out the magnesium will help.  The body leeches calcium out of teeth and bones when it needs more.  

    Egads, that makes my stomach hurt!  Where's your fund me page?



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