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  1. Thanks a lot, I will give it a go for sure.
  2. @cycling lady..I do fine with fats, I just miss not being able to even have a tortilla or a bread roll with anything... @bartfull....I have been doing an elimination diet, with careful monitoring of a food diary, which is how it became clear that I had a problem with Sulfites, I actually think I...
  3. Hello ladies, I'm hoping someone might be able to help. I have recently with the help of my Allergist discovered that I am Sulfite intolerant, which is a huge blow as I am of course Gluten intolerant and Dairy intolerant too. We also discovered I have an intolerance to yeast, corn eggs, and chickpeas...
  4. I attended a house warming pool party a while ago at my daughter's house, and she had invited a lot of her new friends along, but what I remember about the short time I was there was how rude and anti social I was. I felt crazy, and probably some people thought I was because I actually refused...
  5. I have Urticeria on my forehead at the moment, it's been there for about 2 weeks now, and I have lost weight recently, because everything I eat has to be scrutinized and scribbled in my food diary as new and strange food allergies pop up!! I have found I cannot eat gluten-free Oats, Eggs, Tea and...
  6. "Basically, it comes down to a different type of reaction to a food. We do know that allergic reactions and food intolerances are both miserable situations to be in" Yes, I absolutely agree, its no fun!
  7. Ha! you have me confused now, as I thought a milk allergy WAS an intolerance to casein...this is what I found on Go Dairy Free..Maybe I am missing something here... http://www.godairyfree.org/dairy-free-information/milk-allergies-mild-to-life-threatening What Exactly is a Milk Allergy...
  8. I discovered quite quickly that I could not tolerate ice cream, cheese etc, and would have stomach ache and need the bathroom quite quickly after eating these foods. Then I discovered I could not tolerate Casein too, I found this out by using a creamer in my coffee which was lactose free but unbeknown...
  9. GR..I like the sound of your stew. Do you actually put the sauerkraut in the stew, and if so how much? How long do you cook it for?
  10. I meant to say what I am having for dinner this evening...Okay its soup, but not normal soup! No, this is an extrodinary soup made by my Costa Rican friend, and quite honestly he could sell this soup if he so wished!! He likes to make it with meat on the bone, and uses wonderful vegeatables like...
  11. MM, actually it wasnt pickeled onions, it was red onions, I wrote it wrong! and yes they are delightfull thank you. I think I could do with another freezer though, now that I can see the limited space I have Anyway the stuff I get online from Amazon is things like Barella Pasta, which...
  12. Wow good for you for being so organised! I recently realized my freezer was full of stuff that I couldn't eat anymore, like frozen pizza base, that kind of thing and I have either thrown it all out or given some foods away, and now I have started to fill my freezer up with some good stuff, so I...
  13. I'm having something that sounds really boring but its not! Rice with Avocado, home made pickled red onion, and a lovely slice of ham.. I just wanted something real quick as my daughter is out for a pizza this evening.
  14. Is it possible that your dealing with someone who may have some serious issues and has made this up? I know that sounds a bit extreme but one never knows. Did you flat out ask your ENT specialist if he thought you had bad breath? Last year I had a hernia and my chiropractor fixed it. It is...