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  1. Calling out to those of you that also get just headaches/bodyaches from gluten. I’m having a hard time pinpointing w...
  2. heatman

    GERD from gluten

    I’ve been dealing with horrid heartburn ever since I had an endoscopy in August and Zantac is the only thing that helps m...
  3. I’ve recently figured out that it takes me 2-3 days (most of the time 3) to have a reaction. I have the neurological s...
  4. heatman

    Unknown source of gluten

    Thanks, Chrismark! I have bad dry eyes which not even the gel drops help. They're always red no matter how many eye drops...
  5. heatman

    Unknown source of gluten

    My detective hat is finally hung...after a feel-miserable-day I finally figured out the culprit--Jimmy Dean turkey links...
  6. heatman

    Unknown source of gluten

    Thank you! How very helpful. I will look into a B supplement. That makes good sense since I'm so very careful. Thanks...
  7. heatman

    Unknown source of gluten

    I will look into sunscreen. My baby is sensitive to dairy and soy so for myself and the baby I use Badger and for my...
  8. For the past month I've been having gluten headaches, eczema and canker sores and cannot figure out where the hidden...
  9. Thanks everyone. I just spoke with Honest and they said the wheat is just in the absorbent material and not in the cloth...
  10. I used Honest diapers with my first child before I was diagnosed. We have a newborn and before I start using Honest diapers...
  11. heatman

    Blurg - Synthroid - Need Advice.

    I take synthroid (50 mcg) and have never had a problem with it. I think there's a high prevalence of hypothyroid and...
  12. Congratulations on beginning a more symptom free life! It has taken me a year to identify everything that was causing...
  13. heatman

    Very Discouraged!

    For me figuring out additional sources of gluten has been maddening but here's what I've learned in the past year (when...
  14. heatman

    Do I Say Anything?

    If you decide to say something you could suggest that since your diagnosis you've been cooking a lot so kitchen supplies...
  15. heatman

    Cecum Pain/how Do You Experience Glutening?

    I seem to keep finding more and more possible cross contamination issues in my kitchen. I recently pitched all my old...