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  1. Thanks for your replies everyone. I still have problems sometimes from products who say they are gluten free. I guess I need to stay away from processed foods. Thanks! Lily
  2. Am I losing my mind, or did someone on the message board say that Sweet Baby Ray's is gluten free? I picked up a bottle (the original) while shopping on Friday and one of the ingredients is modified food starch. I thought this was an unsafe ingredient? sign me confused, Lily
  3. I bought a baking stone from Pampered Chef. Since purchasing it, I won't use a regular pan anymore. It toasts things evenly, doesn't burn, etc. Also, if you bake something like french fries, it gets nice and crispy because the moisture from freezing it is absorbed into the stone. Cookies are great baked on the stone also. I highly suggest it and am actually planning on buying another, sometimes 1 just isn't enough! Lily
  4. I use Herbamare seasoned salt. It's pretty good and comes highly recommened by my nutritionist. It's made with herbs and sea salt. Good luck! Lily
  5. Jif creamy is gluten-free, Jif Crunch is NOT...........I got horribly sick from it.
  6. Kinnick Kinnick makes a good blueberry muffin.
  7. Hi, Has anyone tried Veganaise brand mayonnaise? It has mustard flour in it and I was reading on the site earlier to avoid mustard powder. Any ideas? Thanks! Lily
  8. For the first 2-4 weeks I went gluten free, I felt worse than ever. My nutritionist says it was my body detoxifying. I was only eating potatos, rice, carrots and apples. But when I finally started healing, boy did it feel good. Nothing actually hurt. Processed foods made me sick right away again when I added them back in.......even though they say gluten free. I hope you feel better soon so you know you're doing the right thing. Blessings, Lily
  9. It happened to me while eating dairy when my gut wasn't healed. I'm finally healing though and it does get better! Lily
  10. Lily

    Fast Food

    Be careful of Wendy's. I got zapped there a couple weeks ago and still feeling the effects. I had the chili and a baked potato. I know they say their chili is gluten free, but I don't think it was. It seemed a little watery that day (to make it stretch maybe?) so I'm wondering if someone got too much water in it and used flour to thicken it up. Just a guess, but I know my body isn't wrong. Good luck, Lily
  11. All corn chips bother me except for this new one I found. It's called Green Mountan Gringo.......they make a gluten-free salsa too. Lily
  12. Lily


    I couldn't find it either so I had to subscribe. It only comes out quarterly. Lily
  13. I saw it and was very pleased to see this. Makes us not feel so alone when others are hearing about it. Thanks QE! Lily
  14. Great idea KayJay!!! Anything Oprah endorses is as good as gold, I shall email them today. Thanks for the great idea! Lily
  15. Kel, I see lots of people recommending chicken, but if you look closely at most grocery store chicken, it is injected with a chicken broth solution (to make it juicy when it cooks) and I won't touch it with a 10 foot pole. I don't trust anyone coating or braising, injecting anything into my food. Are you feeling any better? Lily