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  1. Whoa that is really interesting! I will have to do that at home test and see what happens...thanks for sharing!
  2. Annnddd negative. Sigh. All they found was acid reflux...which goes away for me as soon as I eliminate grains. I guess I am just one of those with a sensitive gut and a hypochondriac mind.
  3. Today marks one week since the endoscopy. I am having hard time getting all the junk back out of my diet after my 6 week binge I had (EEK). I know I will feel so much better once I am a few weeks into my gluten and grain free and overall healthier diet again though that is for sure! Still no...
  4. Well got the scope done this morning. Everything looked structurally normal per the doctor. Have the sinking feeling I am going to end up in the no answers club where the doc just says “oh it’s just a sensitivity”. I don’t know why that frustrates me-but it does. It makes me feel neurotic and tha...
  5. Ha! I am hoping mine have the courtesy to follow up with me if all comes back negative! Doctors don't seem to realize that just because tests come back negative that you may still have so many unanswered questions! Glad your daughter started listening to her body~I hope to do the same! How...
  6. Yeah I am really trying to come to terms with if they find nothing wrong....I know I feel better without gluten and most grains in my diet! I know sensitivity is a real thing but it just seems like it would be something more with all the symptoms I endure. Frustrating.
  7. Thanks...well colonoscopy came back normal so that is good. Frustrated though as was kind of hoping for answers even from that even though I know typically they won't find celiac from that. Fingertips are still numbish...almost bruised feeling. Stomach is starting to play up more. My gluten...
  8. This was super interesting! I have never seen this in regards to gut issues. Thank you for sharing. Something I will be more conscious of adding to my diet!
  9. Nope they didn't want to put me through both at same time (there is no prep but fasting the night before for endoscopy), also they wanted me eating gluten longer before the endoscopy as I had been off it for over 3 months. So I go for the endoscopy on May 2nd The functional med doctor...
  10. Well I am back after continued grain issues....not just gluten but pretty much ALL grains I have found irritate me. Corn is tolerable it seems in small doses. I am one of those that has been on the warpath for answers I would say on and off for over 15 years. Blood tests have been negative. I have...
  11. I didn't even see a GI I saw the nurse practitioner at the GI office. So I just got results over the phone and that was that. I do a follow up with my primary doctor tomorrow though to check on status of my lexapro they put me on for anxiety so will bring up to her, I also will ask for a print out...
  12. Nurse from the GI doctor's office called back and I was negative for celiac disease. Although a little discouraged I know that the month and a half I was off of gluten and how drastically improved I felt that I need to adopt the gluten-free lifestyle. It surely isn't going to hurt me! I will...
  13. I am interested in what enzymes as well? Is this a common thing celiacs need to do? I thought urine was supposed to be pale yellow (color of pale lemonade I always read....). 
  14. Got blood drawn Saturday, followed it up with a super gluten lunch at Red Robin and then Sunday took over a 4 hour nap! Hate the tiredness! Lab said all results should be to my doctor by Wednesday.....fingers crossed I get some answers.