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  1. I will just be starting my journey within the next couple weeks here (hopefully sooner) and I picked up the Better Homes and Gardens Gluten Free Recipes magazine (was pricey at 9.99) and it is really good and recipes aren't too extravagant! I looked at several others but most seemed a bit too time intensive for me ;)


    Another amazing resource is pinterest! I have LOADS of gluten free recipes saved! 

  2. Hummus! Salsas! You can use veggies (my favorite are the mini sweet bella peppers and I don't even cut these I just dip and crunch away and then toss the seeded area) or you can use gluten free tortilla chips or crackers as well. Do you do peanut butter? All sorts of nut butters on gluten free crackers or wraps or breads are easy and nutritious.


    Sorry to hear you are having such a rough time :(  do you have any close friends you can talk to? If not definitely bring it up to your doctor. 

  3. I looked for them today but no luck.  I was at a Walmart several weeks ago that had a mix and match station for these but I don't remember which one.  You could buy one or two.  I'd like to find that in case I don't like them :D


    Yup that is how I tried them, bought a case that had 4 cinful, 4 classic, 2 crisp apple, and 2 ginger apple or whatever it's called. I found them at Meijer not sure you have that where you are but it is similar to a super walmart. 

  4. Just wanted to share a reasonable priced gluten free product I discovered at Meijer (available at amazon and many other retailers as well). I got the lemon plus coconut scent which is nice. I love that I can wash my hair and body with the same product! It doesn't lather much like a traditional shampoo would most likely because it is plant based, but it does the job! Got a big bottle for under 10 bucks!



  5. Oh you poor thing! My symptoms have all been pretty much the same! I too have always had "sensitive skin" and have gotten itchy bumps that come and go especially along my jaw line (not acne definitely a rash) and lately have noticed this on elbows and have had a couple incidents on my hands and fingers. I of course was diagnosed with IBS due to my rotating C and D. I am currently on gluten (and stomach is a mess! The tiredness is also HUGE and my husband is always annoyed by how much sleep I require). I get blood tests end of this month and then will decide from there I guess on the endoscopy. Was it horrible? 

    Good luck on your journey! 

  6. My story is like many from what I have read, I am 36 and have had seasonal allergies all my life, mom claims I was anemic off and on and had allergies to dairy and soy as a baby (have had it all my life though so I don't think those cause issues). IN 2003 I believe it was they gave me some blood test and said I didn't have celiac and I had IBS (alternating C and D). Along the way lots of other things have stood out to me especially fatigue, and increasing anxiety the past few years. I just figured that I had an IBS reaction to MSG since it seemed every time I had take out or can soup etc...I was in the bathroom within about 30 minutes of eating it. 


    More reading got me to thinking that perhaps the test they did back in 2003 wasn't all that great and maybe I do have at least a gluten sensitivity but never pursued it just dealt with it. In July this summer I had HORRID bloating occur that lasted almost a week. I felt as if I was on my due date with a child type bloating! I went to the doctor and they ran some tests for a bacteria and UTI/Bladder infections and an ultrasound, all came back normal. I let them know I was still having issues and wanted answers. They sent me to a surgeon because they found polyps on my gall bladder. I KNEW it was not my gall bladder and luckily the surgeon listened to me and said he was in total agreement that the tiny polyps they saw were NOT the cause and were not anything they needed to be concerned about. 


    Got in with a GI doctor and although I just met with the NP she heard my heart murmur straight away (impressive as so many doctors miss it on me) then she ordered me to eat gluten this month (I had been off it since the bloating issue so maybe a month off of it). I go for my blood tests on October 25th and that day cannot come soon enough. Actually the day cannot come soon enough for me to go off gluten again I should say! 


    The month I was off of it I was regaining energy, I only had D maybe once or twice which was linked to panic attack over my 4 year old (she has asthma and I am highly wondering if she too doesn't have gluten issues!). I just felt better. Oh and the biggest thing for me, I wasn't hungry! See I am overweight (actually obese by today's standards being 5'2 and in the 180's currently) and I am pretty much always open to eating and the month off of gluten I was finding myself not snacking during my normal snack attack time (right after work). 


    I know now that even if my tests are negative that I am going off gluten 100% as the proof was in the pudding with how much better I felt!!! 


    Oh and now with being back on it for only 2 weeks so far I am bloated, my stomach is almost always gassy, my eyes have horrible bags under them even though I am getting a decent amount of sleep, my tummy just aches almost daily, the brain fog is bad, and I just feel swollen everywhere not just my stomach!