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  1. The gluten free was after the first blood test probably a year and a half ago to see if there would be any improvement. I just cut out all gluten and focused of fruits/veggies/meats...anything else I ate was specifically gluten free.
  2. Thanks so much for all your responses. Some of this stuff is a bit confusing so I appreciate the feedback. I'll be talking to the dr to see what I need to do. I tried gluten free for a few weeks a while back, but didn't notice anything major. What should I notice and how long should it be before...
  3. Hi, thank you for the responses. The blood work was done by my neurologist/headache specialist. I go back for a follow up on the 30th. His notes said to follow up with PCP about all of the items I mentioned in the original post. Most of the things seem sort of non-specific... so I don't really know...
  4. A while back I had a celiac panel done and one came back slightly elevated and I had the gene test done and it was negative. Fast forward and I just had some other blood work done and celiac testing was included. I attached a picture, but total IgA was 65 considered high risk. The four other sub...
  5. Hi Everyone, I was tested a while back for celiac and the TTG IgG was the only thing that came back positive so that dr suspected I had celiac. I requested the genetic test which came back negative. So, doesn't that mean I don't have it? Any other causes for slightly elevated TTG IgG? I have fibromyalgia...