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  1. I don't have one, the one I was seeing when I was diagnosed is completely Celiac illiterate and a complete idiot besides. I did see one to actually go through all my test results that the first GI didn't explain and he ran some vitamin labs, ran an update on my antibody levels and a referral to PT...
  2. I didn't have obvious symptoms of celiac either, I found it trying to rule things out for what ended up being muscle tension. My mom only found hers because I made her get tested when they found mine, and my grandma's only symptom was anemia. Our bodies are definitely good at coping. Thanks for the...
  3. First a background... my grandma, my mom and I all have Celiac, some of my cousins have children with Celiac also, but so do their non blood spouses and no one else will get tested. Anyway... I have a little girl who just turned 3 last month and has had chronic diarrhea for awhile (year +), never...