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  1. Since Crohn's and Celiac are linked on the same gene has anyone found that they have Crohn's as well? I have been having many problems recently and Crohn's may be a possibility. It seems even though I am being very good on my diet and even when I am eating strictly fruits and veggies I feel like I do after I eat gluten. Strange. I have never had this happen before. Anyone with any insights? Thanks. Sick mommy here
  2. Been diagnosed with this, anyone else have the same along with celiac disease? Any links known or feedback please.
  3. Hey, not on here much. But I have had this now for about 12 years. Great Pediatrician diagnosed my whole family with it. I have heard SO many comments! And the ones you have all said are classic! I am very religious and had a freind in highschool tell me that if I "had enough faith in God I would be healed. And that I could build up an immunity to it as well" I don't get that my faith in God has anything to do with it. Not to mention, I see it as God helped my family find the problem that had been making us sick for years and years. When I had my daughter the hospital told me "We know all about celiac disease, we are a dietary hospital" I didn't believe them because my mom had the same things happen with her. They brought me a WHITE bread sandwich! All I could eat in that stupid hospital was dry lettuce and yogurt, maybe some fruit. It was pathetic! How bad can it be when a hospital is that dumb! I also get all the other comments. It's just crazy. I also talk to people who seem to be having the same problems and I try to tell them to get tested and they won't listen. Or people who said "I DID have it, but not anymore." I am like "Okay, if you want to be in pain all your life and die young you go ahead." Staying gluten-free has made life much easier for me even if I can't eat everything I want. Who cares! I am healthier in the end than most people who ingest awhole lot of crap and don't even know what it is they are actually eating.
  4. I was diagnosed with having H pylori. I have recently had triple treatment therapy for it. I have read that 1/3 of the population has it and it doesn't seem to cause problems in most people. However I also know (the University of Maryland Med school has my blood and my families blood), that through the tests done that people with celiac disease are IgA deficiant. And I have also read that IgA creates a mucous that helps fight infections and bacteria- what H pylori is. H pylori lives in the mucous in the stomach so I wonder if it is fine in most people because they have the IgA capability of keeping it under control, but celiacs lack it. I could be jumping the gun here, it just seems to make sense. Anyway, just wanted to know if anyone had any other info. I am hoping that the treatments worked. If not I have to get an endoscope to check it out. Since staying gluten-free I don't have GI problems until this started bothering me. Now I am even more strict with diet than before. I won't risk the slightest contamination and am cutting way down on sugar. As it seems to upset my stomach anyway. My daughter got it from me I believe, unless it was the other way around. I guess it is caught from mouth to mouth or diaper changing. Who knows how we got it. My daughter has had the blood test done. She didn't show any raise in antibotis and her IgA was where it should be. Well, any other input whould be appreciated. Thanks!
  5. REALLY?? I have been a celiac for awhile, but even when I am gluten-free I still have the pain. Not to mention my mom has fibromyalgia. My sister seems to be getting fibro. symptoms and has tons of cysts, but has not had a laproscopy. I go in on the 9th of Dec. Maybe I should have them schedule a laproscopy when I go in.
  6. I am not sure what to ask since I have never been to one, but when I had DD the hospital said "You don't need to ask for anything special because we are a dietary hospital and know ALL about celiac." So when I had my lunch brought to me they gave me white bread! Yeah, that doesn't come from wheat at all.
  7. Oh, I know JUST what you mean!! I feel like if a person comes to a doctor complaining about these things it should be one of the FIRST things they test for if just to rule it out! My mom didn't get diagnosed until she was in her 30's and has now had so much damage from it she is more like an 45 year old with an 80 year old body. I was lucky I got diagnosed at 11 because of a WONDERFUL pediatrician who noticed that my brother and sister who were 4 and 5 and weighed 24 lbs were near death before it was found out. I remember being a very sick little kid. I would be sick all the time and lay on the couch knowing that any moment I would have to run to the bathroom to puke or have diarrea! So aggravating! I hope it gets better some day especially for all those people who are STILL undiagnosed.
  8. If there is a friend who comes to you with every symptom in the book, her children have the symptoms, her dad has had intestinal cancer, brother has lymphoma, cousins have Chrone's, was told she has IBS, etc. etc. and finally goes to the doctor to get her children looked at for it and you swear they got it wrong?? Everything she has told me sounds CLASSIC. She went to the same hospital my relatives went to who had possitive biopsys and whos gastroenterologist told them to go off of dairy INSTEAD of gluten??? She had her kids get the blood test and the doctor said "Everything looks fine so we won't do a biopsy." The blood test isn't fool poof, the biopsy is and from everything I have heard from that hospital they don't know what they are doing or looking for. So they said her problems and her kids problems are just cronic constipation. When people come to me complaining of things and asking questions I tell them what they can do to see if it is celiac disease and then they go to these terrible doctors who tell them to cut out dairy? It's sad to me, because her family has all these problems and after all I have heard it sounds just like it and if she only had someone tell her what it REALLY is she would do it. And if she only knew how much better life is without eating what is like pioson to a celiac she would empty her whole pantry. But maybe you guys know what it is like where it was amazing that you got someone to listen to you enough to persue medical help and it didn't turn out. This I guess is more of a vent, but wanted to know what you would do.
  9. So sorry for your loss. That would be hard. I have never had anything so painful, my dad has died once from a heart attack. Survived and then had another one ten years later, he is around, but it did put things into perspective. I hope you and your family will feel peace during this difficult time.
  10. Actually I don't live in MD I live in UT, but they came to our house and took all of our blood and sent it there. Since this was many years ago and a newly known about disease they were willing to bend backwards for us, even swallow any cost.
  11. My Dh, who is not a celiac LOVES this stuffing recipe. It is made with short brown rice and he thinks it tastes better than bread stuffing. It also stays moist so much better because the rice soakes it all up. Rice Stuffing 3/4 Cup finely chopped onion 1 1/2 Cup chopped celery with chopped leaves 1 Cup butter 2 Cups short brown rice 2 tsp salt 1 1/2 tsp sage 1 tsp thyme 1/2 tsp pepper 1/2 tsp poultry seasoning 1 can mushrooms Saute' onions and butter until clear. Stir in rice. Mix in bowl with other ingredients. Stuff turkey. Rub any left over stuffing over bird to make it nice and buttery. Now for dessert! Pumpkin Custard Pie Filling: 1-1/2 Cups milk or soymilk 4 TBS cornstarch 1 1/2 Cup pumpkin puree 1/2 Cup sugar 1/2 tsp salt 1 tsp cinnamon 1/2 tsp ginger 1/8 cloves Crust: (Gluten-free Nutty Rice, tastes just like grape nuts) 1 Cup Nutty Rice 1/4 Cup apple juice concentrate Whisk milk or soymilk and cornstarch. Blend in ingredients. Pour into pie shell bake 375 for 45 min Crust: Mix Nutty Rice and juice. Bake 10 min. Cool before filling
  12. I am not vegetarian, but many times I feel like I am. I think it would be relatively easy. I actually eat meat rarely. I eat more fruits and vegetables anyway. I have tons of veggie dishes that I love and get them off of vegetarian websites.
  13. In my family of 10 children we all have celiac disease, but research has shown that both parents must have it. We know that my dad's family has it because of the symptoms, but no one will listen so we have stopped talking. My dad is 280 lbs and 5'11. He has always been this way. We have tried to get him to go on a gluten-free diet, but it is always short lived. He has a love affair and addiction to food. But all of his siblings are the same way. They all struggle with their weight.
  14. Just wanted to know. I have been a mess for the past 9 months with pain. I had an ultrasound and have a follow up appointment soon. I have felt pain on my bladder even. For two weeks out of every month I am in agony. I have wanted to go see through laproscopy if I have it. My mom is very fertile, but my sister and I suffer from cysts and pain and have a harder time conceiving.
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