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  1. So, I really thought I found my diagnosis, thought it was guttate Psoriasis (still think that). The new dermatologist said she originally thought DH looking at my skin. But, because I brought my previous biopsy results with me, she thinks it’s contact dermatitis. And wants to do a patch test that s...
  2. Thanks for the info. I had a vitamin D deficiency a couple of years ago and started a supplement. I’ve not been good at taking it lately. In the past, when many things were wrong/off with me regarding sleep issues, all they found was a B-12 deficiency. What’s goose flesh?
  3. I’m still trying to figure out my itchy lesions. Has anyone heard of guttate psoriasis? A new general doc said I clearly have something going on internally (not bug bites like the last one insisted it was and not scabies like the allergist said). She said it looks like an atypical psoriasis, ...
  4. Hi, All, My GP still insists i’m being bitten. SMH. I got another one who said my lesions look like an atypical psoriasis. So, I did some googling. Seeing a new dermatologist on Monday. I think this could be my problem: guttate psoriasis. https://www.everydayhealth.com/psoriasis/living-with/u...
  5. I took Zoloft once. Loved it until it triggered microscopic colitis (colonoscopy diagnosed it). Lexapro did the same. However, I have a family member who is fiagnosed celiac and tolerates Celexa well.
  6. So, I've been off any prescription drugs for a month or more. I'm still getting occasional lesions and times when every scar turns angry red. My new question is could it be related to high triglyceride levels, which I have?
  7. As an update, I had a celiac blood test. Negative. And I'm getting similar lesions from other prescription drugs. Not DH.
  8. Thanks, LauraTX. I will read your linked info! I am not diagnosed celiac. My mom and niece are, though. What puzzles me is that I thought it was the essential oils (in the bath, topically, and diffusing) because the rash started a couple of weeks after I started using them. (Loved them, too ...
  9. Has anyone who has a DH-like rash been taking Trazodone and/or using essential oils. I had been taking Trazodone for years for sleep (loved it), then I started using essential oils and started getting a DH-like rash. I stopped using essential oils, but the rash continued. The rash started going...
  10. Entocort worked for me when I was diagnosed with MC in 2010. I believe mine was caused by generic Zoloft. It went away w Ent. And stopping Zoloft. It comes back if I take NSAIDs or SSRIs. Luckily, it goes away quickly when if I stop taking them. Good luck. It must be great to be on the mend!!