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  1. My biopsy showed arthropod bites/hypersensitivity to an external allergen/drug erruptions. Turned out, the rash was caused by a prescription drug I had been taking for years to sleep. Out of the blue.  It recently started again when I started taking generic  Ambien, which never caused problems in the past, but the lesions took two weeks to start popping up in many of the same places as before: abdomen, top and back of thighs, fingers, arms, hips.

  2. Squirmingitch,

    Thanks for the "celiac can present at any time" comment. My neg. intestinal biopsy 4 years ago makes me sometimes think I am off base on thinking it's DH.

    My mom is in her 70s and one of 15 children. She suspects a couple of her sisters may have celiac, but they won't take her seriously. They are the "just eat a piece of pie, it's not going to kill you" type. :(

  3. You should absolutely get a dh biopsy. A PROPER dh biopsy. Find a derm with experience. You don't have to have any other symptoms -- those of us with dh tend to either not have GI symptoms or have them much, much milder. With your mom & niece being celiac it's all too possible for you to. Yes, what I see looks like dh but then lots of things can but you have the tell tale blisters & that narrows the field considerably -- add to that your mom & niece --- I'd say you'll slam dunk it.


    Thanks, Squirmingitch. I'm trying to convince myself to spend the $600-ish (which was the cost of my previous allergy/bite/drug biopsy).

    I tried going gluten-free, and made it 2.5 weeks until I was at a convention that had very little gluten-free available. Because I was still getting spots, I gave up. I think a diagnosis would make it easier to request gluten-free and get friends and co-workers on board AND get me to commit. I'm kind of a "need proof" for most things person. :)

    Oh, and, no kids!

  4. Hi, All!

    I was misdiagnosed with pityriasis rosea (PT) by my dermatologist. Biopsy came back as drug erruptions/arthropod bites/hypersensitivity to external allergen. Not fungal. The punch biopsy was of lesions (not surrounding skin). I'm trying to decide whether to get a DH biopsy.

    My mother and niece have Celiac. I have no Serious GI symptoms. I had an endoscopy in 2010. No celiac, but positive for microscopic colitis. Can I have celiac now? Maybe a gluten issue?

    Rash has been popping up for 5 months. I stopped a medication and stopped using essential oils (which I thought caused the rash). No relief. No visible biting bugs at home, and I am the only one in the household affected.

    Do these photos look like DH? Clear liquid, somewhat symmetrical, pressure points (hips, buttocks) also elbows, legs, knees, arms, back of hands, and back. Itchy at first till popped. Itchy and scaly while healing. Darkened skin when done, not sure yet if they will scar.



    There were about 75 of them. They slowed for a week and are popping up again.

    Thanks for any comments!

    Oh, and I'm a 40-ish yr old/female.