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  1. I am so glad to find your post, beebs. I am being tested for celiac, but more and more I am beginning to think it is EE instead. I will be having an endoscopy done on Feb. 13. I hope to get some answers then. I had allergy testing done and was not allergic to anything, but I seem to be sensitive to wheat/gluten. Not sure about dairy. I have always loved milk, but I haven't been drinking it very often lately. I do seem to react to wheat, though.

  2. No, I'm not confused. I've already had the allergy testing done and it was negative. I just didn't know if I had to continue eating the gluten until the biopsy or not. I knew I had to for the blood test part of it. I have other issues besides the mucus, but I don't know if they are related to the gluten or not. The allergy doctor is the one who suggested having the celiac panel done. It could very well just be NCGS, which would be welcome news.

  3. But how long should I wait to get the blood test? I am just supposed to go in and let the nurse draw my blood. I wasn't off gluten that long. Only a few days. So I don't know how long I have to have it back in my diet before going in for the test. I don't want to have to put it off too long. I'm anxious to get back off the wheat and I know I can't until after the testing.

  4. I have not been diagnosed with celiac (at least, not yet), but I am trying to figure out what my problem is. For a couple of years or more, I cough and have to clear my throat a lot after eating and again in the morning when I get up. Not every single meal, but many. I tried eliminating certain foods, and it seems that it is worse after eating anything with wheat. I went in for allergy testing and everything was negative. The doctor is going to do a celiac panel to rule that out. I don't have the intestinal discomfort or any of that. Mostly just the mucus issue. Does anyone else have that problem? The only other thing I have wondered about that I have trouble describing is a weird feeling I get in my stomach sometimes, mainly at night. It comes and goes, but it feels kind of like when you get startled or scared but there is no feeling of fear or anxiety with it. Just the physical part of it. Sometimes it happens when I roll over in bed. It's so hard to describe. It isn't pain.


    I took myself off wheat for a few days and didn't have much coughing or mucus during that time. However, I was told to put the gluten back in my diet for the test. I immediately started reacting again. Since I was only off wheat for about 3 days, how long do I have to keep eating the gluten before having the blood test?